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St Hilda's College
Students punting near St Hilda's College.
(Credit: St Hilda's College)

St Hilda's College

The motto of St Hilda’s is excellence and equality. This captures a very clear and powerful focus on supporting our students – to be the best they possibly can academically, in an environment which allows them to thrive – whatever their background. With passionate and committed tutors, a great range of college awards for academic work, travel, sport and other activities, and one of the most friendly and relaxing settings to be a student in Oxford, St Hilda’s provides all the right ingredients for success in your degree.

St Hilda's CollegeRelaxing in the grounds of St Hilda's College.
Former students are encouraged to keep in touch through the Association of Senior Members and its professional networks which can provide help at the start of new careers.


The college is on a beautiful riverside site with easy access to the city centre, the University sports complex and the lively culture of East Oxford.

Accommodation and meals

First- and final-year students have rooms in college. In the second year there is the opportunity to live in a rented house near the college. Food in college is highly rated, and we cater for all special diets. There is also the option of self-catering in one of the many student kitchens in college.

Read more on the college website.


The college library has an extensive collection of books, journals and electronic resources to support all the subjects we offer. It boasts seven reading rooms over three floors, with seating for 158 readers. The main reading room looks out over the River Cherwell and the dreaming spires of central Oxford. Students enjoy performances of every kind of music in the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, which also has five practice rooms and a recording studio that students may use. 

St Hilda’s is one of the few undergraduate colleges right on the river. Free college punts can be used right through the summer months. The University sports complex is just around the corner with its gym and swimming pool; through the college, you can get subsidised membership for both.

Student societies

The JCR provides a student hub in college – with a TV room, pool table, bar and buttery. The committee organises regular social events such as parties and formal halls, and options for being involved in student clubs and activities include music, drama, the college student newspaper and a wide range of sport (such as rowing, netball, hockey, rugby and yoga). At the JCR Arts Festival students can show their own work (sculpture, painting, photography) and put on plays and concerts. And anyone is welcome to start their own society!

Academic staff

Biochemistry  (Molecular and Cellular)

Dr Mary Board
Dr Tamara Sirey
Dr Muhammad Sohail 

Biological Sciences

Dr Dmitry Filatov*
Dr Aris Katzourakis*
Dr Yvonne Griffiths
Dr Petros Ligoxygakis
Dr Aurelio Malo 


Dr Lorna Smith*
Dr Robert Paton*
Dr Mark Ford
Dr Sarah Jenkinson 


Ms Yang Song


Dr Katherine Clarke*
Dr Rebecca Armstrong*
Professor Fiona Macintosh*
Dr Emily Kearns 
Ms Calypso Nash
Dr Helen Slaney


Dr Debopam Bhattacharya*
Dr Rebecca Scott 
Dr Oleg Kitov


Professor Anne Edwards*
Dr Maia Chankselliani
Dr VIctoria Elliott 

Engineering Science

Professor Julia Schnabel*
Professor Alison Noble OBE*
Dr David Howey*
Professor David Hills
Dr Anca Popescu 


Professor Sally Mapstone*
Dr Susan Jones*
Dr Margaret Kean*
Professor Daniel Wakelin*
Dr Lyndall Gordon
Dr Helen Appleton
Mr Adam Guy
Dr Jenny McAuley 


Dr Helen Swift*
Dr William McKenzie 
Dr Stephen Goddard
Ms Solja Hoeft
Ms Florence Maw 


Dr Lorraine Wild
Professor Heather Viles


Dr Georgina Paul*
Mr Christoph Held

History, Modern

Dr Hannah Smith*
Dr Selina Todd*
Dr Gareth Davies
Mr Bryan Ward-Perkins
Ms Eva Worth


Dr Marco Dorigatti


Ms Sarah Green*
Dr Rachel Condry*
Dr Dev Gangjee*
Dr Mavis MacLean
Dr Andrea Dolcetti
Dr Konstanze von Papp 



Dr Elinor Payne* 
Dr Kerstin Hoge*
Dr Mary Baltazani 


Ms Suellen Littleton


Professor Irene Moroz*
Professor Gregory Seregin*
Dr Jamshid Derakhshan
Ms Anne Hillebrand


Dr Maike Glitsch*
Dr Catherine Swales*
Dr Philippa Hulley* 
Professor Ruth Muschel
Mr Ruairidh Battleday
Dr Lukshman Bavan
Dr Stephen Gwilym
Dr Robert McCulloch
Dr Robert Wilkins 


Professor Martyn Harry 
Dr Alexandra Buckle
Dr John Traill
Dr Jonathan Williams
Ms Meghan Quinlan 


Dr Anita Avramides*
Professor John Gibbons*
Dr Robert Teichmann
Dr Manuel Dries


Professor Julia Yeomans FRS*
Professor Amanda Cooper- Sarkar*
Dr Claire Gwenlan
Dr Michal Karpinski


Dr Petra Schleiter*
Dr Maya Tudor* 
Dr Jody LaPorte
Ms Julia Costa López
Mr James Christensen 


Dr Stephen McHugh*
Dr Ann Dowker


Mr Roy Norton


Student welfare


Dr Hannah Smith*

Disability Fellow

Dr Lorna Smith*


Canon Brian Mountford*

College Doctors

Dr Antony Maddison
Dr Catherine McDonnell

College Nurse

Mrs Ennis Frankum

*Fellow of the college