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St Benet's Hall
St Benet's Hall
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St Benet's Hall

Small and friendly, St Benet’s is the nearest equivalent today to the first halls of the University, with close daily contact between tutors and students. Until 2015 the hall admitted only male undergraduates, but now accepts applications from both male and female applicants.

St Benet's HallStudents enjoying a social event.
Undergraduates and graduates, of all faiths and none, study alongside a small community of monks, forming a total student body of about 65. Around 16– 20 undergraduates are admitted each year for a range of subjects in the humanities and social sciences. More homely than most colleges, St Benet’s provides a strong sense of community within the hall as well as full engagement in University activities outside it.

All members are welcome to attend the daily Office and Mass in the chapel, but no one is obliged to. Students are asked to be respectful of the monastic life, but the atmosphere is unpressurised, warm and friendly.


At 38 St Giles’, close to the very centre of Oxford, in a handsome six-storey Georgian Grade II-listed building.

Accommodation and meals

First-year undergraduates live in; most other undergraduates live out. From October 2016 students living in will be accommodated in two buildings: the main building on St Giles’, and a newly acquired building at 11 Norham Gardens, about 7 minutes’ walk away. This extra building will provide accommodation for male and female students, along with teaching rooms and common areas.  Wherever they are housed, all students will continue to eat their meals in the main building on St Giles’ and have access to all its facilities.

Community and hospitality are important in the Benedictine tradition. Tutors, students and monks all eat together at one common table, everyone taking a turn at serving. Guests are welcome at any meal, including three formal meals per week. Once a term there is a Hall Guest Night, where students mingle freely with often eminent guests.


The library provides a focused and up-to-date collection for undergraduate needs, open 24/7. There is also a separate IT centre, and wireless internet access. Students share the main Common Room of the hall with the monks and tutors, and also have a separate JCR with widescreen TV. There is a pleasant enclosed garden and a much-used croquet lawn.

Student societies

The hall has its own drama club and rowing VIII. All students can play a wide range of sports with the teams of other colleges as well as University teams, and participate in many University societies. We usually have several Blues* at any one time, as well as officers of the Oxford Union debating club and OUSU, and members of other organisations, orchestras and choirs.

*a student who has represented the University at sport against Cambridge   

Academic staff

Senior Tutor

Dr Santha Bhattacharji*


Fra' John Eidinow*  
Dr Cornelia van der Poll
Dr Marina Bazzani


Dr George Bitsakakis*


Dr Yvonne Cornish*
Dr Susan Doran*
Dr Rowena Archer
Dr Richard Marshall 

Oriental Studies

Dr Frances Reynolds*


Dr Brian Klug*
Dr Joseph Shaw*
Dr Mark Sheehan*
Dr Nicholas Waghorn*


Mr Alex Barker


Dr Mary Marshall*
Prof Werner G Jeanrond**

Student welfare


Rev Gabriel Everitt OSB

Harassment Officers

Dr Susan Doran*
Dr Nicholas Waghorn


Dr Mark Sheehan*

Junior Dean

Mr Nicholas Hanson

*Fellow of the Hall