The grounds of Lady Margaret Hall
The grounds of Lady Margaret Hall.
(Credit: Sarah Lee)

Lady Margaret Hall

About the college

Lady Margaret Hall (LMH) is a pioneering Oxford University college. It was founded in 1879 with a dual passion for learning and equality, making it possible for the first time for women to study at Oxford. We admitted men in 1979 and, in 2016, became the first Oxbridge college to establish a Foundation Year for under-represented students.

LMH is now a diverse academic community, with about 400 undergraduate students. We are committed to research and scholarship, and to effective, highly-personalised teaching and learning in a supportive environment for students from all backgrounds.

Students at Lady Margaret Hall

LMH has an exceptionally beautiful site with gardens that run down to the river. Grants and scholarships are available to enable students to achieve their academic potential. We are committed to supporting disabled students and helping them achieve their potential.

Undergraduates are usually guaranteed a room on the college-site for three years of their course. Our beautiful, well-stocked library is a great place to study; you can access and borrow books 24/7. We also have a theatre, music practice rooms, a gym, tennis courts, playing fields and punts.

We were the first Oxford college to launch a Study Skills centre to support our students in developing effective and sustainable study habits, and have two specialist Study Skills lecturers who provide guidance and advice to LMH students about academic skills and learning development. 

Read more on our college website.

LMH is...

'…being given the opportunity to fulfil my academic potential in a friendly and supportive environment.'

'…a very open-minded and vibrant college.'

'…my first home away from home; where I grew up, studied what I loved and made friends for life. Looking back, I can’t think of a better place to have spent my undergraduate years!'

'...stunning gardens, especially in the summer – a haven from the hustle and bustle of touristy Oxford.'

'…the friendly, supportive atmosphere that the tutors and students create. The gardens are beautiful to spend time in throughout the year, and having such a big library on site is incredible.'

LMHCollege facilities

Visit our College Facilities page to compare facilities across different colleges.

College accommodation


College availability

All first years on siteYes
Usually offered for three yearsYes
Usually offered for all yearsNo
Usually offered for first year and one other yearNo
Some vacation storage for international studentsYes


Catering type

College availability

Dining hallYes


Facility type

College availability

Gym on siteYes
Library open 24/7Yes
Computer rooms/stationsYes
Wi-Fi throughout collegeYes
Music roomYes
Theatre/performance spaceYes
Multi-faith prayer roomYes

Clubs and societies

Club / society

College availability

Music societyYes
Dramatic societyNo
College student magazine/paperNo
Some subject societiesYes
Other societiesYes

College outreach

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In order to ensure that all areas of the UK are fully supported by the University of Oxford, our colleges are working together to establish Oxford for UK, a series of regional outreach programmes offering tailored and local support to students of mixed ages, their parents and teachers.

Getting in touch with the college linked to your region has no influence on your chances of being accepted to this or any other particular college. You are also very welcome to get in touch with any other college for advice about applying or studying here.

Lady Margaret Hall is part of Oxford for South West.

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South Gloucestershire

Outreach programmes

Our Outreach Manager, Marrium, and a team of student ambassadors work closely with schools and colleges to demystify Oxford and ensure that students, teachers and families have access to the best possible information about how to make a competitive application.

Marrium is also a former LMH English student and you can read more about her and why she nearly didn’t apply on our website.

LMH particularly concentrates its work in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, Bristol and Haringey, in keeping with the University’s regionalisation programme. However, we are happy to answer questions from all potential applicants and can arrange a tour to LMH, or discussion about applying to, living and studying here.

Events such as Taster Days and Open Days are open to students from all schools.


Access and Outreach at LMH
Outreach Manager: Marrium Khan
 [email protected]

Admissions : +44 (0) 1865 284203
 [email protected]

Postal address:
Lady Margaret Hall
Norham Gardens, Oxford OX2 6QA

Outreach events

Visit the University's Outreach event calendar to view upcoming outreach events. Please note that some events may require advance booking or have specific eligibility criteria.