Blackfriars | University of Oxford
Blackfriars as seen from St Giles’.


Blackfriars is a small, supportive and international academic community which welcomes postgraduate students (aged 21 or above) from different backgrounds and religious traditions, all of whom value our distinctive ethos. Undergraduates may study Theology and Religion, Philosophy and Theology, Religion and Oriental Studies, or Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

BlackfriarsThe 14th Dalai Lama visiting Blackfriars.
Our academic study in Blackfriars Hall is informed by a common life of friendship alongside the Dominican friars of Blackfriars Priory, and those training for the priesthood in Blackfriars Studium. The Dominicans, a religious order of the Catholic Church, first came to Oxford in 1221 and returned in 1921.

The hall continues the Dominicans’ historic mission to engage with contemporary thought by participation in the life and work of a modern university that is committed to excellence in teaching and research. Our Aquinas Institute specialises in the thought of St Thomas Aquinas and its modern relevance. The Las Casas Institute promotes critical reflection on questions of human dignity in the light of Catholic social teaching and theology. Our students enjoy access to special lectures by distinguished visitors and to conferences offered by the institutes.


Blackfriars is located on St Giles’ in the city centre, with student accommodation in nearby St John Street, and offices in neighbouring Beaumont Street.

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation in St John Street, with Wi-Fi, catering and laundry facilities, is offered as available. Students are offered the opportunity to take meals at nearby partner colleges.

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Our outstanding library of more than 35,000 volumes in philosophy and theology opens daily from 7.30am (8.30am at weekends) to 10pm. There is a Wi-Fi network and a computer suite. The Junior Common Room (JCR) offers a comfortable place to relax and socialise.

Student societies

Blackfriars offers a grant towards membership of the University gym. There is an active Wine Society, and the Women’s Group hosts speaker events. The JCR organises frequent social events. Highlights in Blackfriars’ social calendar include the Thanksgiving Dinner, Advent Party, a reading week in the country, the Priory Dinner and a summer garden party. Students regularly combine with members of other colleges for sporting activities.