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Theology and Permanent Private Halls

This survey is now closed for 2020-21 entry admissions. 

Oxford University seeks to attract the best and brightest students, no matter where they are from. Therefore, to maximise the chances that the most academically able students gain places, the University ensures that an application is considered wherever possible beyond the College of first choice (or allocation, in the case of open applicants). Some applications will be reallocated to another College before interview; in other instances, shortlisted applicants will be assigned to additional Colleges for second or third interviews. Successful applicants receive only one offer, which can be from any College offering the course.

This survey has been sent to you because you have applied for a course involving Theology (V600 Theology and Religion, or VV56 Philosophy and Theology) and you will be a mature student when you start the course.

In addition to the Oxford Colleges, the course you have applied for is offered by Wycliffe Hall, a Permanent Private Hall (PPH) which only accepts mature students.

PPHs are very similar to Colleges except that they tend to be smaller, and were founded by particular Christian denominations. They offer fewer courses than most Colleges. Students at PPHs are members of the University just like students at Colleges, and have access to exactly the same University facilities and activities.

The size of the PPHs is one of the distinctive elements of the environment where you would, if accepted, live and study. The size of the community means that students quickly integrate and get to know the tutors and other members of their Hall.

If you are happy for your application to be considered by Wycliffe Hall, you can close this survey. 

However, the smaller, unique nature of the Permanent Private Halls is not suited to every applicant. If you wish, you may elect not to be considered by Wycliffe Hall. All Colleges, plus any other PPHs that offer the course, may still consider your application. It is not possible to opt out of consideration by individual Colleges or by the PPHs which accept students of any age.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our Communications Team on study@ox.ac.uk or +44 (0)1865 288000. Please also feel free to contact Wycliffe Hall directly if you would like to know more about studying at this PPH.

Please complete the questions below if you wish to opt out of consideration by Wycliffe Hall. The deadline is Monday 4 November 2019. If you do not wish to opt out, please close the survey.

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