MAT (Mathematics Admissions Test)

Further details on arrangements for this test for 2025-entry will be communicated at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime, you are welcome to explore the test preparation and practice materials which you may find helpful. 

What is the MAT?

If you are applying for one of the following courses you will be required to sit the MAT: 

The Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT) is a subject-specific admissions test, lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes and sat under test conditions.

This Oxford admissions test is now computer-based, and you will need to take this at an authorised test centre. Registration to book your test will be open from Thursday 15 August 2024 and will close on Friday 4 October 2024.

The MAT is designed to be approachable for all students, including those without Further Mathematics A-level or equivalent. It aims to test the depth of mathematical understanding of a student rather than a breadth of knowledge. The mathematical knowledge and techniques required to do the questions are taken from a syllabus roughly corresponding to AS-level Maths, with a few extra topics from A-level Maths. If you're unsure what this covers, you can find the full MAT syllabus on the practice materials tab on this page.

All Mathematics and Computer Science applicants, regardless of the course you are applying for, should answer all of the questions.

The format for this year’s test is similar to previous years, but with a different number of questions. In 2024, the test consists of 27 questions. Of these, 25 are multiple-choice questions of a similar style to multiple-choice MAT questions from previous years. There are two longer questions, for which candidates will type responses. Candidates are not expected to type complex mathematical expressions or use any symbols beyond those included on a standard keyboard (alphanumeric characters, + - =, and similar). As with long MAT questions from previous years, candidates should expect to justify their answers or explain their reasoning for these long questions.

All applicants taking this test will be able to practise by taking a sample test in the new format online in advance of their test day. Please note that while the structure of this test does differ from previous years, all the existing resources and past papers available are still valuable preparation and we strongly recommend exploring these. 

Please be aware that no calculators, formula sheets or dictionaries are permitted during the test. 

How do I register? 

Candidates can register for their test between Thursday 15 August and Friday 4 October 2024. Further details on the registration process will be communicated at the earliest opportunity. 

Test preparation and practice materials

We recommend exploring the test preparation and practice materials below.

MAT advice video

Our Mathematics Outreach Officer explains how to prepare for the MAT

Past and specimen papers

Past papers 

The University does not endorse or allow use of its tests that are protected by copyright for commercial use.

Specimen papers

The University does not endorse or allow use of its tests that are protected by copyright for commercial use

MAT syllabus

View the MAT syllabus.

In order to reflect changes to the AS-level Mathematics syllabus, we removed the following topics from 2018 onwards: the remainder theorem, radians, and the trapezium rule. We have added the following topics to the syllabus: combinations and binomial probabilities, derivative of ekx, differentiation from first principles, graphs of loga (x). Please note that we continue to include sequences and series on the MAT syllabus, including arithmetic and geometric progressions and their sums, and the convergence condition for infinite geometric progressions.

Further resources

You may wish to take a look at the following online resources to help expand your mathematical knowledge. Please note that candidates are not required to take STEP, but may find it useful in helping them prepare for the MAT (although the questions are quite different in style).

General admissions statistics

These reports provide summaries of the admissions process for the subjects of Mathematics / Mathematics and Statistics, and Mathematics and Philosophy:

The following report provides a summary of the admissions process for the subjects of Mathematics, Mathematics and Statistics, Mathematics and Philosophy, Computer Science and Mathematics and Computer Science:

When do I take the test?

Oxford admissions tests will take place between 21 and 31 October 2024. Further details will be communicated at the earliest opportunity.