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Students with disabilities
Students in the Junior Common Room of Lady Margaret Hall.
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Students with disabilities

The University welcomes applications from disabled students and is committed to making reasonable adjustments to facilitate their access to courses. Mentioning your disability or Specific Learning Difficulty will not affect your application, as admissions decisions as made solely on the grounds of academic merit.

What is it like to be a student with disabilities at Oxford? Watch these videos to hear students discussing disability in their own words.

Things to consider

The unimaginable has happened - I have been awarded a degree with distinction and a prize for best dissertation. I was able to do an amazing amount of work and edit my dissertation very fast with the assistive technology you recommended and put in place. For once I was able to do a vast amount of work without it impacting on my health.

- Sabena

We advise candidates to consider, before applying, the requirements of their chosen course, identifying any elements that might present particular difficulties. We recommend that candidates visit their college and department of choice, to explore facilities and discuss specific individual circumstances.

We also recommend an early discussion with the Disability Advisory Service. The Service is happy to help with one pre-application visit by individuals, if given sufficient notice.  It can also advise on possible support and adjustments during the interview process if appropriate.

Disability Advisory Service

The Disability Advisory Service (DAS) works with students to identify any practical study strategies or support which might be useful in allowing students to study as effectively as possible, and works with the colleges and departments to put in place reasonable adjustments if needed.

Having a mental illness has always made me doubt the prospect of my university success, academically or otherwise. Thankfully, my tutors and fellow students make me feel valued and respected, which allows me to truly flourish in Oxford.

- Anna

If additional support is indicated, the Service is able to coordinate a wide range of practical steps. This might, for example, include providing support workers, specialist equipment or help with travel arrangements. Or it might include providing audio recordings, Braille texts or alternative format materials. We can also arrange alternative examination arrangements for disabled students, including those with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, as long as supporting evidence is in place.

Disabled Students Allowance

We encourage all UK students to apply for a Disabled Students Allowance. We have a Centre here at Oxford which conducts the assessments required by the funding body.