Classics options 2017/18 entry | University of Oxford

Classics options 2017/18 entry

Thank you for your application. To help our admissions process, it would be useful if you could provide the information below.

Guidance for filling in this form:

  • All applicants should answer Question 1.
  • Applicants for any Classics II course should also answer Question 2 (i.e. applicants who have not studied Latin or Greek to A2 level or equivalent).
  • Applicants for¬†Classics and Modern Languages should also answer Question 3.
  • Only those applying for Classics and English, Classics and Modern Languages or Classics and Oriental Studies need answer questions 4 and 5.
  • All applicants should complete the remaining questions.

'A2 level or equivalent' means a school-leaving qualification considered equivalent to A-level.

Please submit your completed form by midnight on Monday 31 October.