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Oxford offers a wide range of accommodation options to graduate students, both privately and within the University, to suit a variety of needs and living arrangements.

College accommodation

Many colleges are able to offer accommodation to their graduate students for all or part of their course. Some also make provisions for specific accommodation requirements, such as accommodation for student couples or families. Please see our College rent and other charges page for more details. Colleges also offer accommodation that has been specifically adapted for students with disabilities. 

Graduate Accommodation Office

The Graduate Accommodation Office lets and manages rooms, flats and houses in and around Oxford city centre, on sites owned by the University, to full-time graduate students. To find further information on graduate student properties, contact details for the team and how to apply for accommodation, visit the Graduate Accommodation Office website. For help with accommodation information for visiting students see the Studentpad website, hosted by the Graduate Accommodation Office, where a number of private landlords advertise for tenants associated with the University. 

Other sources

Private accommodation is also advertised on the Daily Info website and in the University Gazette each Friday.

Residence requirements

The Examination Regulations for your course set out the minimum number of terms you must live in Oxford for to be able to enter for your examination(s) and to qualify for your degree.

As a full-time graduate student, if you are not living in college-owned accommodation, you must live within the residence limits which are twenty-five miles from Oxford city centre (unless you are given special permission to work away from Oxford, or it is a formal requirement of your course).

Students studying for part-time courses are exempt from these residence requirements.

In exceptional circumstances, you can apply to live beyond the residence limits. You are strongly advised to obtain permission to do so before agreeing to rent or buy accommodation - please contact your college for more information.

If you live outside the residence limits without permission, you will not fulfil the requirements for your degree and may not be allowed to enter for your examination(s).

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