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There is a wide range of accommodation available in Oxford for graduate students, provided both by the colleges and the University. In addition, many graduate students secure accommodation in the private sector.

The University can't guarantee accommodation to its graduate students. However, in 2018-19, 72% of full-time graduate 'freshers' (first-year students) were housed in college or University accommodation, and 53% of all full-time graduate students.

Ordinarily, your college will explain their process for applying for accommodation when you receive your college offer.  If they don't have any suitable accommodation available, or your college offer is delayed, the University's Graduate Accommodation Office may be able to help, or you may need to seek accommodation in the private sector. Find out more in the University and Private accommodation section.

Students with disabilities

If you have a disability which means that you have specific requirements related to your accommodation, please make sure that you declare this when you apply to your course. Colleges (and the University) have a range of rooms that can cater to a variety of needs, but these are allocated throughout the admissions cycle, and so suitable accommodation may not be available if your needs are not known until a late stage.

If you've declared a disability on your application form, you'll be contacted by the Disability Advisory Service with further advice if you receive an offer of a graduate place at the University.

Make sure that your College Accommodation Office (or the University's Graduate Accommodation Office) is aware of any specific needs when you apply for their accommodation.

Please note that no applicant can be guaranteed accommodation.

Part-time students

The University and its colleges cannot ordinarily accommodate part-time students, with the exception of Kellogg College and Keble College. If you are a part-time student and need to stay in Oxford for short blocks of time, some colleges offer their part-time college members the opportunity to book short-term accommodation. Please speak to your college directly to see if they are able to help you. 

The University Club and the Department for Continuing Education offer overnight accommodation. You may also find appropriate accommodation advertised in the Gazette or through University Rooms (an external website).

Please note that the the inclusion of a link to an external website on this page should not be understood to be an endorsement of that website, the site's owners, or their products and services.

College accommodation

Colleges provide a variety of accommodation options. Some colleges will have various different options, others may have a dedicated block (or blocks) of accommodation of a similar type/cost.

Some colleges are able to guarantee accommodation for their incoming graduates, other colleges may only be able to accommodate a proportion of their graduates.  If your college is unable to provide accommodation, the University's Graduate Accommodation Office may be able to help or you may need to seek accommodation in the private sector. Find out more in the University and Private accommodation section.

Your college will outline the accommodation that they have available, and explain their application process, when you receive your college offer letter.

This page provides a breakdown of the typical college accommodation that was available to graduate students who entered in 2019-20. These costs are likely to increase annually. Please check with the college for the most accurate amounts.

Please note that while accommodation can be requested, there is no guarantee that this will be available.

Typical accommodation (based on accommodation available in the 2019-20 academic year)

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College1TypeLocation2UnitsTotal bedrooms2019-20 average daily accommodation cost3Standard rental period (days)Utilities included?4
BalliolSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a79£21.47308Yes
BalliolSingle, standardOff-siten/a84£20.35308Yes
Blackfriars HallSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a4£27.23265Yes
Blackfriars HallSingle, standardOff-siten/a9£24.75265Yes
BrasenoseSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a43£23.23350Yes
BrasenoseSingle, standardOff-siten/a48£21.65350Yes
BrasenoseCouplesOff-site22£38.65 per unit350Yes
Campion HallSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a12£31.3165Yes
Christ ChurchSingle, standardOff-siten/a73£24.29175Yes
Christ ChurchFamilyOff-site1133£38.39 per unit175No
Christ ChurchCouplesOff-site1521£26.55 per unit175No
Corpus ChristiSingle, standardOff-siten/a46£19.21294Yes
ExeterSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a87£24.18273Yes
ExeterSingle, standardOff-siten/a18£24.24273Yes
ExeterFlatsOff-site21£28.93 per unit335Yes
ExeterCouplesOff-site713£34.64 per unit335Yes
Green TempletonSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a61£20.2300Yes
Green TempletonSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a3£21.14300Yes
Green TempletonSingle, standardOff-siten/a59£19.22300Yes
Green TempletonSingle, standardOn-siten/a47£18.92300Yes
Green TempletonFlatsOff-site5278£36.89 per unit300Yes
Green TempletonFamilyOff-site1227£51.25 per unit300Yes
Green TempletonCouplesOff-site99£28.94 per unit300Yes
Harris Manchester CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a11£25.14266Yes
Harris Manchester CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a6£19.54320Yes
Hertford CollegeSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a71£21.64273Yes
Hertford CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a49£21.64273Yes
Hertford CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a2£21.64273Yes
Jesus CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a56£25.09183Yes
Jesus CollegeFlatsOff-site75248£62.87 per unit278Yes
Jesus CollegeCouplesOff-site122£34.64 per unit278Yes
Keble CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a227£22.12273Yes
Keble CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a2£18.75273Yes
Kellogg CollegeSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a96£20.85320Yes
Kellogg CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a46£24.46318Yes
Kellogg CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a44£19.53320Yes
Kellogg CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a68£21.44318Yes
Kellogg CollegeCouplesOff-site22£31.82 per unit325Yes
Lady Margaret HallSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a32£22.5273Yes
Lady Margaret HallSingle, standardOff-siten/a15£24.716336Yes
Lady Margaret HallSingle, standardOn-siten/a34£17.99273Yes
LinacreSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a28£21.48307Yes
LinacreSingle, standardOff-siten/a94£18.04307Yes
LinacreSingle, standardOn-siten/a58£19.75307Yes
LinacreFlatsOff-site55£24.11 per unit307Yes
LinacreFamilyOff-site24£35.82 per unit307Yes
LinacreCouplesOff-site1111£41.39 per unit307Yes
LincolnSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a109£25.98259Yes
LincolnSingle, standardOff-siten/a28£21.56259Yes
MagdalenSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a27£23.97270Yes
MagdalenSingle, standardOn-siten/a107£19.42270Yes
MagdalenFlatsOn-site11£23.98 per unit270Yes
MagdalenCouplesOn-site99£32.64 per unit300Yes
Mansfield CollegeSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a25£20.554365Yes
Mansfield CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a1£19.67322Yes
Mansfield CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a39£20.11322Yes
Mansfield CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a2£20.79365Yes
Mansfield CollegeFlatsOff-site12£42.32 per unit322Yes
MertonSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a93£20304Yes
MertonSingle, standardOff-siten/a63£20304Yes
MertonFlatsOff-site81£30.91 per unit337Yes
New CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a89£22.15273Yes
NuffieldSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a12£19.14335Yes
NuffieldSingle, standardOff-siten/a7£19.14335Yes
NuffieldSingle, standardOn-siten/a16£19.14335Yes
NuffieldCouplesOff-site1010£23.71 per unit335Yes
OrielSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a31£24.34345Yes
OrielSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a11£24.45345Yes
OrielSingle, standardOff-siten/a10£23.14345Yes
OrielSingle, standardOn-siten/a19£23.00345Yes
OrielCouplesOff-site44£35.05 per unit350Yes
Pembroke CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a18£24.65272Yes
Pembroke CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a9£19.35343Yes
Pembroke CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a8£21.03272Yes
Pembroke CollegeCouplesOff-site71£34.45 per unit343Yes
Regent's Park CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a12£20.05323Yes
Somerville CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a29£18.62352Yes
Somerville CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a24£19.07261Yes
Somerville CollegeFlatsOff-site2358£23.22 per unit352Yes
St Anne's CollegeSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a80£20.06294Yes
St Anne's CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a13£20.06294Yes
St Antony's CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a104£26.47266Yes
St Antony's CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a26£19.09266Yes
St Antony's CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a87£19.09266Yes
St Antony's CollegeFlatsOff-site613£21.75 per unit350Yes
St Antony's CollegeFamilyOff-site37£26.12 per unit350Yes
St Antony's CollegeCouplesOff-site1428£24.12 per unit350Yes
St Benet's HallSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a12£18.80323Yes
St Benet's HallSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a7£25.24248Yes
St Benet's HallSingle, standardOff-siten/a8£19.78323Yes
St Benet's HallSingle, standardOn-siten/a3£25.24248Yes
St Catherine's CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a78£19.22266Yes
St Catherine's CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a42£19.22266Yes
St Edmund HallSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a13£24.00175Yes
St Edmund HallSingle, standardOff-siten/a99£24.00175Yes
St Hilda's CollegeSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a59£23.00357Yes
St Hilda's CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a12£18.75357Yes
St Hugh's CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a67£18.79364Yes
St Hugh's CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a34£18.48364Yes
St Hugh's CollegeCouplesOn-site22£24.33 per unit364Yes
St John's CollegeSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a17£22.98365Yes
St John's CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a61£23.21365Yes
St John's CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a52£21.35365Yes
St John's CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a16£22.12365Yes
St John's CollegeFamilyOff-site1429£25.76 per unit365Yes
St John's CollegeCouplesOff-site331£20.61 per unit365Yes
St Peter's CollegeSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a84£22.45266Yes
St Peter's CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a1£23.43266Yes
St Peter's CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a6£16.67350Yes
St Peter's CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a5£22.29266Yes
St Stephen's HouseSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a18£22.57210Yes
St Stephen's HouseSingle, standardOn-siten/a28£20.00210Yes
St Stephen's HouseFamilyOn-site2040£38.26 per unit365Yes
St Stephen's HouseCouplesOn-site21£21.08 per unit210Yes
Trinity CollegeSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a10£18.97264Yes
Trinity CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a8£23.58264Yes
Trinity CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a36£18.23264Yes
Trinity CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a9£23.58264Yes
University CollegeSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a8£18.88265Yes
University CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a3£18.88265Yes
University CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a66£18.88265Yes
University CollegeCouplesOff-site1217£27.41 per unit364Yes
Wadham CollegeSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a35£21.84273Yes
Wadham CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a1£23.37273Yes
Wadham CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a58£20.26273Yes
Wadham CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a4£23.37273Yes
Wadham CollegeCouplesOff-site11£37.94 per unit273Yes
Wolfson CollegeSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a127£21.80273Yes
Wolfson CollegeSingle, standardOn-siten/a109£19.21273Yes
Wolfson CollegeFamilyOn-site323£44.82273Yes
Wolfson CollegeCouplesOn-site561£33.85273Yes
Worcester CollegeSingle, en-suiteOff-siten/a39£21.07305Yes
Worcester CollegeSingle, standardOff-siten/a28£16.53305Yes
Worcester CollegeCouplesOff-site31£33.43336Yes
Wycliffe HallSingle, en-suiteOn-siten/a7£23.24261Yes
Wycliffe HallSingle, standardOn-siten/a8£20.39261Yes


  1. ‘College’ and ‘colleges’ refers to all 44 of the University’s colleges, including those designated as Permanent Private Halls (PPHs).
  2. For details of the location of college accommodation, visit the relevant college page or the college's own website.
  3. The average daily accommodation cost depends upon the accommodation type:
    • Single (both standard and en-suite): average costs shown are per person;
    • Couples: average costs shown are per unit not per person (units include double occupancy rooms, studio flats, one bedroom flats, and two bedroom flats);
    • Families: average costs shown are per available bedroom (units include one, two, and three bedroom flats and houses);
    • Flats: average costs shown are per available bedroom (units include flats of varying sizes, including studio flats).
  4. Utilities refers to the supply of electricity, gas and water. Other services such as internet/Wi-Fi may also be included. Further details may be found on the relevant college page on this website, or the college’s own website. 
  5. Further details about meal provision at the college may be found on the relevant college page on this website, or the college’s own website.

University accommodation

If your college isn't able to house you, the University has a range of accommodation options for full-time graduate students, including accommodation for couples and families.  There are a range of rooms, flats and houses in and around Oxford, on sites owned and managed by the University.

For more information on graduate student properties and how to apply for accommodation, visit the University's Graduate Accommodation Office website and contact the team.

Private accommodation

If you are considering private accommodation, please be aware that the University's residence requirements apply to all full-time students. 

Oxford resources

The Oxford University Students Union (Oxford SU) provides guidance on living out and can help you if you have questions or concerns about accommodation. You can also search for properties to let on the Oxford SU Accommodation Service website.  

Private accommodation is often advertised in the University Gazette, which is published weekly during term time.

Other resources

If you are new to renting, or renting in the UK, Shelter can provide you with lots of useful information about how renting works, the types of tenancies available, and what to look out for in your contract.

You may find it useful to search external websites, such as the Daily Info website and specialist student accommodation websites such as Rightmove for students or Student Accommodation UK.

Please note that the the inclusion of a link to an external website on this page should not be understood to be an endorsement of that website, the site's owners, or their products and services.

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