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Oxford 1+1 MBA

About the programme

The Oxford 1+1 MBA is a unique, two-year graduate experience that combines the depth of a specialised, one-year master’s degree with the breadth of a top-ranking, one-year MBA.

Through the 1+1 programme, Saïd Business School is partnering with 13 other University departments to link a diverse selection of master's courses to the MBA. As a result, graduates embark from Oxford armed with the skills to translate specific domain knowledge into sustainable and scalable solutions.

Benefits of the Oxford 1+1 MBA programme include:

  • training across disciplines, drawing upon the resources of a world-class university;
  • development of two complementary networks of peers and alumni through Oxford's collegiate experience; and
  • upon completion you will be identified by employers as having detailed subject knowledge, combined with highly developed delivery skills.

Candidates accepted to the 2019-21 MBA 1+1 programme will undertake their master's course during the 2019-20 academic year and their MBA during 2020-21.

Changes to the course

The University will seek to deliver this course in accordance with the description set out in this course page. However, there may be situations in which it is desirable or necessary for the University to make changes in course provision, either before or after registration. For further information, please see our page on changes to courses.

Partnering courses

The following full-time master's courses currently participate in the 1+1 programme:

Entry requirements for entry in 2019-21

To be considered, interested candidates must:

  • apply for the partnering master's course of their choice before the deadline shown on its course page;
  • apply for the MBA in the same admissions cycle and by the MBA deadline shown on the Saïd Business School's website; 
  • meet the entry requirements for the partnering master's course that are shown on the the relevant course page; and 
  • meet the entry requirements for the MBA that are shown on the Saïd Business School's website.  


Resources available to support study of the master's course

For information about the resources available to support your study, please refer to the course page of your chosen partnering master's course. 

Resources available to support study of the MBA

The Saïd Business School is one of the most modern, state-of-the-art business schools in the world. Facilities include four horseshoe-style lecture theatres where most classes take place and a 300 seat lecture theatre opened by Nelson Mandela in 2002 to cater for larger-scale lectures and events.

A key feature of the building is the provision of informal working areas. There are numerous open spaces throughout, including cloistered walkways and a large internal courtyard, all of which help to foster interaction between students, faculty and visitors.

The Sainsbury Library is Saϊd Business School’s own dedicated resource. This state-of-the-art facility is spacious and fully equipped with desk space, wireless and networked computers, printers and copiers. Experienced library staff are available for advice and can help you use advanced search tools to carry out research for course projects and theses.

Specialist research centres at the Saïd Business School mirror the knowledge-intensive end of a creative economy. They are helping particular sectors to wrestle with the challenges they face and to discover new directions through research. These centres include the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation and Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, amongst many others.


There are over 1,100 full graduate scholarships available across the University, and these cover your course and college fees and provide a grant for living costs. If you apply by the relevant January deadline and fulfil the eligibility criteria you will be automatically considered. Over two thirds of Oxford scholarships require nothing more than the standard course application. Use the Fees, funding and scholarship search to find out which scholarships you are eligible for and if they require an additional application, full details of which are provided.

A number of Research Council awards are available each year from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

The Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship is awarded to up to five 1+1 MBA students each year. The scholarship provides funding for tuition fees, college fees and living expenses for both the master's course and the MBA years of the 1+1 programme. In order to be considered, you must complete the Oxford MBA application (selecting 1+1 under the programme of interest) and apply to the partnering master's course of your choice by the January or March admissions deadlines (note that not all master’s courses accept applications beyond the January admissions deadlines). You must also include an essay addressing the scholarship application question with your MBA application. More information is available on the Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship webpage.

Exceptionally, candidates already successfully admitted to or undertaking MSc, MSt or DPhil programmes within the University of Oxford that are not presently within the Oxford MBA 1+1 scheme may be eligible for consideration for the Oxford-Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship.


For information about costs for the 1+1 programme, please refer to the course pages of both your chosen partnering master's course and the MBA. Candidates accepted to the 2018-20 MBA 1+1 programme will undertake their master's course during the 2018-19 academic year and their MBA during 2019-20. Please note that the MBA course page shows the costs for the 2018-19 academic year and and that fees will usually increase annually. For details, please see our guidance on likely increases to fees and charges.


For information about accepting colleges, please refer to the course pages of both your chosen partnering master's course and the MBA.  

How to apply

To be considered, interested candidates must meet the conditions shown under the entry requirements and apply for both the partnering master's course and the MBA in the same application cycle.

Students enrolled on a partnering master's course for the 2018-19 academic year who are interested in the 1+1 programme can apply to join the 2019-20 MBA cohort by submitting an MBA application in the current admissions cycle.

Applying to the master's course

Please refer to the course page of your chosen master's course for details about the course, its requirements, deadline(s) and how to apply.

Applying to the MBA

Admission to the MBA is administered directly by the Saïd Business School. Please see the admissions process information on the the Saϊd Business School website for further details about the MBA, its requirements, deadline(s) and how to apply. When completing the online 1+1 MBA application via the Saïd Business School website, please make sure you select ‘1+1’ under the programme of interest.

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