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Muscle biopsy under a microscope
(Image Credit: Rob Judges / Oxford University Images)

Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre

The Medical Sciences Doctoral Training Centre (MSDTC) accommodates the interdisciplinary, cross-departmental DPhil programmes in medical sciences. 

Most are structured DPhil programmes, which provide students with the opportunity to undertake two or three 'rotation' projects and relevant course work in their first year of each four-year structured programme.

The main doctoral project starts in the second year of each programme. The programmes all receive core-funding from the Wellcome Trust (WT) except for the DPhil in Cardiovascular Science, which is core-funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

The MSDTC also accommodates the direct-entry three-year DPhil for Clinicians in the Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, funded in the majority by the Wellcome Trust.

Each programme has a distinctive intellectual flavour, designed to nurture independent and creative scientists. Students are supported in their development through:

  • supervision and mentoring by world-class academics
  • training in a wide range of research techniques.


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