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Changes to courses

This website is designed for those applying to the University of Oxford in 2019-20 for graduate study. 

The University will seek to deliver each course in accordance with the descriptions set out in the relevant course webpage at the time of application and the corresponding “Course Information Sheet” sent to applicants with their offer of a place. The course webpages can be accessed via out Courses A-Z listing page.

However, there may be situations in which it is desirable or necessary for the University to make changes in course provision, either before or after enrolment.

The University will not make very substantial changes to courses (for example, a change to the course title, significant restructuring, substantial change in course content, or the introduction of a progression hurdle) which would impact on students who have already begun their course. In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary for the University to make such a change after acceptance of a place by an offer-holder. This will not happen less than 3 months before enrolment. The offer-holder will be notified of the change (as compared to the description in their Course Information Sheet) and offered the opportunity to withdraw from the course.

Other changes could be made to course content, delivery and teaching provision because of developments in the relevant subject, enhancements in teaching or assessment practice, requirements of external accreditation processes, changes in staffing, resource constraints or changes in the availability of facilities. Such changes will take account of the reasonable expectations of prospective and current students. 

Offer-holders will be notified of any material change (as compared to the description in their Course Information Sheet) and offered the opportunity to withdraw from the course.

On-course students will be consulted about any proposed material course change (except changes which are solely for their benefit) which would affect the part of the course which they have already started studying.

The provision of course options which depend on the availability of specialist teaching, or on placement at another institution, cannot be guaranteed in advance. In certain circumstances, for example due to visa difficulties or because the health needs of students cannot be met, it may be necessary to make adjustments to course requirements for international study.


Supervisory allocations for students may change during the course of study for reasons which might include illness, sabbatical leave, maternity leave or change in employment. If this occurs the department will be responsible for ensuring that a new supervisor is appointed as soon as possible (either on a temporary or permanent basis as appropriate) and the student will be kept fully informed. Where offer-holders have been informed of the likely identity of their supervisor they will be notified of any change prior to enrolment.

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