Expenses and travel/subsistence

The following information is being published on a voluntary basis in order to provide details of the costs incurred by the Vice-Chancellor relating to travel, accommodation and subsistence while undertaking her University duties. The Vice-Chancellor’s expenses will be published on a quarterly basis. 

University Duties

Commitments relating to Professor Richardson’s role as Vice-Chancellor include but are not exclusive to:

  • University business engagements: alumni events, development events, promotion of the University, meetings with partner organisations, university donors, higher education sector board meetings. ‘Board meeting’ will include eg: League of European Research Universities (LERU), International Association of Research Universities (IARU), Russell Group, Universities UK (UUK)
  • International commitments: maintaining and establishing global partnerships with foreign universities and organisations, attending international university liaison events, promoting the University abroad
  • Other professional engagements including external speaking engagements and external meetings


This includes air, rail and road travel. The Vice-Chancellor flies Economy Class on short-haul flights within Europe and the US, and Business Class on long-haul flights only.

The practice of First Class train travel within the VC’s Office was changed to Standard Class travel by the VC shortly after her arrival in Oxford.

The Vice-Chancellor travels by train where possible. In circumstances where the VC is travelling under strict time constraints, is attending numerous business engagements in multiple locations and/or is travelling very late at night or early in the morning, she travels by car. A University owned car available to the VC upon her arrival in Oxford was sold as a cost saving measure at the VC’s request shortly after she arrived. Cars are booked only as and when required from a company approved by the University.


Accommodation booked for the Vice-Chancellor is usually the venue for the business meeting she is attending and is the most efficient option for the VC to meet her scheduled commitments and fulfil her business engagements.


On occasions where the Vice-Chancellor is required to host/entertain business guests of the University, costs are borne by the University.

Reimbursable costs

Where the method of payment is listed as ‘Reimbursement’, this refers to instances where the Vice-Chancellor has paid for something herself that has later been reimbursed by the University. Instances where the costs for travel, accommodation or subsistence have been borne or reimbursed by an external party are not listed.



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