Elephant and offspring
Elephant and offspring in forest
Credit: Thomas Breuer/PLoS



A study has demonstrated that vital nutrients are contained in the dung and bodies of big animals. As they eat and move more than small animals, they have a particularly important role in transporting nutrients into areas where the soil is otherwise infertile.

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Liver transplant

In a world first, a donated human liver has been 'kept alive' outside a human being and then successfully transplanted into a patient.

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Big data

The new Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Information and Discovery will revolutionise health research and offer patients better, safer and more personalised treatments through the use of 'big data' and improved approaches to drug discovery.

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Humanities impact

A report commissioned by the Humanities Division is the first study of its kind to evaluate the contribution of the study of the humanities to the economy by looking at career paths and mid- and end-career destinations of graduates.

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