Oxford-FAPESP award recipients

Oxford-FAPESP international research collaboration (Sprint 2017 1st Edition): outcome of second round of call for proposals

We are delighted to announce the results of our second call for proposals under our partnership with FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation). Signed in January 2015, Oxford University’s agreement with FAPESP has seen us jointly fund collaborative research in the areas of “Brazilian biodiversity as a source for novel drug scaffolds against neglected protozoan diseases”, “Recovery and storage of renewable energy from biorefinery wastewater”, and “Improving the efficiency of water- and nitrogene-use by crop plants” over the past two years. The fund has supported researchers from Oxford working in partnership with researchers from the state of São Paulo, Brazil, with the aim of encouraging long-lasting academic collaborations going forward.

During the partnership’s second period of funding (2017-2019), the following two projects will be supported:

Professor Edman Tsang, Department of Chemistry at Oxford University, together with Dr Ivo F. Teixeira, will be collaborating with Dr Pedro Camargo and Dr Eduardo C. M. Barbosa at the University of São Paulo on a project entitled “Plasmonic Nanoparticles Supported on Semiconductors and Its Applications in Photocatalysis.”

Professor Richard Willden, Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University, together with Dr Christopher Vogel, will be collaborating with Professor Julio Meneghini, Professor G. Assi and Professor B. Carmo at the University of São Paulo on “the development of renewable energy: gas, air and water”.

We hope that both projects will cement long-lasting and successful research partnerships.

For further information, please contact Nina Tomlin, International Strategy Office, at nina.tomlin@admin.ox.ac.uk

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