International Staff Training Week, 2017 | University of Oxford
Bridge of Sighs
The Hertford Bridge commonly known as The Bridge of Sighs links the Old and New quads in Herford College and spans New College Lane.
(Credit: Oxford University Images / Rob Judges Photography)

International Staff Training Week, 2017

Oxford’s first International Staff Training Week ran in March 2017, for 22 staff from universities around the world who were interested in a week of lectures and workshops in Oxford.

The Staff Training programme was designed to give attendees an introduction to the University of Oxford (and to British universities more generally) and to provide a forum for colleagues from other universities to share best practice, discuss issues facing higher education today, and to make connections with others working in similar fields.

Each day included a range of sessions on the University’s administration, including introductions to Oxford’s collegiate system, its student support and its central administration. Each theme was examined through a series of presentations and workshops held in Balliol College. On the second day, trainees attended the ‘University Administration and Services Conference’ alongside Oxford administrative staff and participated in leading a workshop on a topic related to higher education administration.

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