On 17 August the University welcomed the government’s announcement that A-level results would be based on teacher’s Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs), and not the Ofqual algorithm. We honoured the offers of all applicants whose CAGs met their conditional offer, in addition to those to whom we had already awarded places, meaning that we had many more offer-holders meeting their grades than in a normal year. As a result, Oxford faced significant capacity constraints both within our colleges and on our academic courses.

Colleges across the University have done everything they can to accommodate students for entry in 2020 wherever possible. We have also confirmed 166 offers for entry in 2021. This is only 70 more places than the usual number of deferrals (96 on average over the last three years), which is only 2% of the places we expect to have available for entry in 2021.

The information below shows deferrals for entry in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, by course and by college, as well as by school type (for UK students only), by gender, and by declared disability. Deferrals are defined as any places confirmed for a year of entry later than their UCAS application cycle.

For further details please refer to our Admissions Statistics and information on our commitment to increasing access at Oxford.


  Deferrals to
CoursesAverage Accepts 2017-192018201920202021
Ancient and Modern History220112
Archaeology and Anthropology230016
Biomedical Sciences390012
Classical Archaeology and Ancient History201210
Classics and English130000
Classics and Modern Languages60001
Computer Science391011
Computer Science and Philosophy140001
Earth Sciences351212
Economics and Management853343
Engineering Science17167712
English and Modern Languages262023
English Language and Literature22849714
European and Middle Eastern Languages161010
Experimental Psychology532232
Fine Art280011
History and Economics191000
History and English162101
History and Modern Languages230013
History and Politics456310
History of Art150000
Human Sciences301014
Law and Law LSE22089612
Materials Science390100
Mathematics and Computer Science400110
Mathematics and Philosophy161000
Mathematics and Statistics130000
Modern Languages1578441
Modern Languages and Linguistics291222
Oriental Studies412134
Philosophy and Modern Languages210131
Philosophy and Theology311112
Philosophy, Politics and Economics243761013
Physics and Philosophy140000
Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics331112
Religion and Oriental Studies41111
Theology and Religion340013
Total 9688103166


    Deferrals to    
CollegesAverage Accepts 2017-192018201920202021
Balliol College108 
Brasenose College109 
Christ Church 129 
Corpus Christi College  76 
Exeter College99 
Harris Manchester College37 
Hertford College120 
Jesus College 105 
Keble College125 12 
Lady Margaret Hall 122 
Lincoln College87 
Magdalen College112 
Mansfield College77 
Merton College88 
New College 117 
Oriel College93 12 
Pembroke College105 
Queen's College 97 
Regent's Park College38 
Somerville College120 12 
St Anne's College122 
St Benet's Hall 25 
St Catherine's College144 
St Edmund Hall110 
St Hilda's College119 
St Hugh's College120 
St John's College116 
St Peter's College105 11 
Trinity College85 
University College 119 
Wadham College132 
Worcester College121 
Wycliffe Hall 
Total 9688103166

School type

   Deferrals to    
School type1 Average Accepts 2017-192018201920202021
Independent 984 25 22 24 34 
State 1497 36 37 45 80 

1UK students only, where school type is state or independent. 


   Deferrals to    
Gender2 Average Accepts 2017-19 2018 2019 2020 2021 
Female 1663 40 35 46 91 
Male 1623 56 53 57 75 
Total  96 88 103 166 

2Binary options from the UCAS application, which may not reflect the gender identity of all applicants.  


   Deferrals to    
Disability3Average Accepts 2017-192018201920202021
Declared disability 249 10 11 10 
No known disability 3037 90 78 92 156 
Total 9688103166

3As declared on the UCAS application 

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