Artist-in-residence – Weimin He | University of Oxford

Artist-in-residence – Weimin He

To celebrate the historic Radcliffe Observatory Quarter (ROQ) project, Weimin He — the artist-in-residence for Oxford University Estates Directorate — is creating a unique portfolio of drawings, ink paintings and woodcut prints to reflect the unprecedented transformation of the site.

Starting in early 2009, Weimin’s drawings chronicle the developments on the ROQ site from the demolition of the old hospital buildings to the construction of the Mathematical Institute, and the development of the Blavatnik School of Government and Outpatients’ building. The finished work is due to be presented to the public in the form of an exhibition and publication.

Weimin trained as an artist in both north-eastern China and Northern Ireland. In 2008 he created a body of artwork reflecting the transformation of the Ashmolean Museum and had a successful exhibition when the Museum was reopened in 2009. His work has been exhibited worldwide, including at the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the China National Museum of Art. He also teaches life drawing at the Ruskin School and the Ashmolean Museum.

A selection of Weimin’s drawings and woodcuts are being shown on the hoardings surrounding the building works on the ROQ site (from May 2014).

Slideshows of drawings

Chinese album leaves

Chinese album leavesWeimin's Chinese album leaves

Weimin’s vivid, characterful drawings are created with ink and brush on xuan paper or Chinese album leaves.

These album leaves are a traditional format of Chinese painting, going back as far as the Tang dynasty (618–907). Single leaves are collected into an album which can be viewed as a book, but also opened to be up to 12 meters long.

Weimin paints these with Chinese ink, mineral pigments and water colours