Accessibility Standard

Approved by General Purposes Committee of Council, on behalf of Council, October 2004

The University of Oxford is committed to providing an accessible web presence that gives members of the public and members of the University community full access to University information, courses and activities offered through the web. It is also committed to establishing a minimum accessibility standard for web pages, and to encouraging web publishers to exceed the minimum accessibility standard.

If you use assistive technology and the format of any material on our websites interferes with your ability to access the information, please contact the webmaster of the website concerned in the first instance. Please Contact the University webmaster as a second point of contact.

The Oxford University Web Accessibility Standard

The University of Oxford endorses the Guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as the standard for World Wide Web accessibility. The University has adopted WAI AA as the minimum standard for compliance for its web pages, and requires that as many AAA checkpoints as possible are also met.

  • Web pages published or hosted by the University should comply with the University's Web Accessibility Standard.
  • A text-only version of an inaccessible web page should be offered only in cases where extraordinary measures would be necessary to make that web page compliant. The text-only version of the web page must contain the same information and equivalent functionality and be updated whenever the inaccessible web page is updated.
  • Where undue administrative or financial burdens may be incurred in achieving accessible web pages, alternative formats may be used to provide information to individuals requiring it.

Guidance for Webmasters

Non-AA compliance: web publishers should include acceptable justifications to non-AA compliance via their Website Accessibility Statement (see below). Such justifications are likely to include an indication of when compliance will be achieved. For further information see the [Resources] section [on this site].

Web Accessibility Statements

Each University website is required to produce and maintain an Accessibility Statement detailing the accessibility measures taken on their web pages.

Accessibility Statements should contain a point of contact for feedback, and a link to which states the University's Web Accessibility Policy and contact information for the University's Webmaster (old links to will be redirected).

[Guidance on accessibility statements from the Senior Disability Officer is available on this site.]

Web Accessibility Responsibility

The unit responsible for the information on a web page is responsible for ensuring that the web page meets the University's Web Accessibility Standard defined by this policy. Priority should be given to creating accessible web pages for core institutional information such as course work, registration, admissions and student and staff services information. Units with large web sites containing core institutional information should establish priorities for ensuring access to these pages according to the pages being used or requested most often.

Accessibility and Usability Testing

A variety of Web browsing software (including text-only browsers), various workstations, validation and evaluation tools should be used to test accessibility and usability of web pages. Refer to the [Resources section] for further information.

Help for Web Publishers

Information about training, checking tools and examples of Accessibility Statements can be found [at].

Further Information

For further information about this accessibility policy, please contact the University webmaster