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The University in Oxford and the community

"If Oxford is to remain a world-leading university, it needs the understanding and support of the community."

Professor Andrew Hamilton, Vice-Chancellor

A daily conversation  

Every day the University talks and listens to the communities of Oxford and beyond; schools, businesses, visitors, local authorities and more

Economic Impact  

We support more than 18,000 jobs and inject over £750 million annually into the regional economy

Impact on environment  

The buildings of the collegiate University create Oxford’s iconic skyline

Cultural life  

Wadham College’s elegant Holywell Music Room is the oldest purpose-built music room in Europe

Oxford medicine  

Oxford's Medical Sciences Division has over 2500 individuals involved in research

Students and volunteers  

Over 3,200 student members of The Oxford Hub are involved in charitable activities

Continuing Education  

Oxford is the 4th largest centre in the UK for lifelong learning with more than 13,000 students

Museums and collections  

Admission to all four University museums is free

Inspiring schools  

We are committed to developing enthusiasm and raising aspiration for learning among young people

Widening access  

Oxford runs over 1,300 outreach events in the UK to engage under-represented groups

Global commitments  

We truly are global, our students come from 138 countries, our academic staff from 79