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Get active at Oxford
Get active at Oxford

Get active at Oxford

A campaign launched this week to help students get active while they study at Oxford. Active at Oxford highlights the many opportunities for casual and competitive sport at the University, and outlines the mental and physical health benefits of an active lifestyle.

The campaign gives advice on getting active in different ways – from walking outside during study breaks to taking part in exercise classes, or joining one of Oxford’s wide range of sports clubs. It also encourages taking part in physical activity in a responsible way - balancing any sporting commitments with your studies.

There is a growing body of evidence which highlights that students who take part in sport are better equipped to cope with stress, are happier, and can even earn more after graduating.  For example, a 2018 study found that active students show improved scores for, life satisfaction, feeling worthwhile, happiness and anxiety.

Sports Federation President Natalie Liu said: “Taking part in sport helps you stay fit, motivated and helps you to develop soft skills that employers love and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Active at Oxford is all about getting out there and enjoying the many benefits that an active lifestyle can bring. Even taking small steps to be more active can have massive benefits in the long term.”

Martin Williams, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education)  added: “Sport has played a notable role in Oxford’s history, and it remains an important part of many students’ lives today.  There are huge benefits to sport and physical activity, with some fantastic clubs and opportunities across the University for students.  There is always a way to balance sports with studying, and we actively encourage students to get active while they are here.”

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