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Inflationary increase in tuition fees from 2017/18

On 2 November 2016 the University announced more details of its plan to increase Home/EU undergraduate student fees in line with inflation from September 2017, subject to parliamentary approval.

The government has introduced plans for raising the Home/EU undergraduate tuition fee cap to £9,250 from academic year 2017/18, and has indicated that universities will be permitted to apply the fee rise for all on-course students. As such, many universities will decide to charge different fee amounts to different year-groups, and Oxford's approach to addressing this fee rise is driven by a desire to find the fairest possible basis for its decision, based upon what information was communicated to students when they accepted their offer to study.

For students who began their course in the academic year 2016/17, the University contract mentioned that tuition fees might rise in future years in response to changes in government policy. The same terms and conditions will appear in the University contract for students starting in the 2017/18 academic year. In view of this, the University considers it fair to apply the £9,250 inflationary fee rise to students in these year-groups.

The same level of information was not provided to students who began their course in or before the 2015/16 academic year, because government plans for a fee rise were not envisaged at that time. Therefore, the University has decided to retain tuition fees of £9,000 per year for these year-groups.

The Student Loans Company will continue to provide all Home/EU undergraduate students with access to tuition fee loans for the duration of their course, and the University remains committed to assisting those in financial need by providing one of the most generous financial support packages in UK higher education. Nearly half of the additional income that comes to Oxford as a result of this tuition fee increase will be spent on bursaries, scholarships and outreach work, ensuring that our world-class education remains available to all our students, regardless of financial background.

Further information about fees and funding can be found within this section of the website.