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Examination timetables

Published examination timetables are available from the tables below. Timetables are published as early as possible and no later than five weeks before the start of the examination. If your timetable is not on this site, it is not yet available. Please refer to the Provisional Start Date available from the Exam Entry Dates Booklet in the meantime.

Revised timetables

It is sometimes necessary to publish a revised timetable. For this reason you should check this site regularly close to the time of your first examination.

Personal Timetables

A personal timetable showing your own papers and the dates, times and location at which they will take place will be sent to you at your college approximately five weeks before the examination starts. Please take care that you note the details accurately. It is your responsibility to see that you sit the correct examination and misreading of information will not be considered an acceptable reason for non-attendance at examinations. If you have not received your timetable, or discover any problems such as a clash of papers, contact your college as soon as possible. The majority of examinations take place at either the Examination Schools or Ewert House in Summertown. Maps are available from the Useful Documents section above.

Preliminary Examinations

Title Timetable (pdf)
Chemistry CCHE1314T (25kb)
Earth Sciences CEAS1314T (25kb)
Engineering Science CESC1314T (25kb)
Fine Art CBFA1314T (25kb)
Geography CGEG1314T (26kb)
Materials Science CMET1314T (25kb)
Medicine (Part I) FBMC1314T (27kb)
Medicine (Part II) FBMD1314T (25kb)
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry CMCB1314T (26kb)
Physics CPSC1314T (26kb)

Honour Moderations

There are no timetables to view

Honour School

Title Timetable (pdf)
Ancient and Modern History DAMH1314T (33kb)
Archaeology and Anthropology DARA1314T (31kb)
Biological Sciences DNBS1314T (25kb)
Biological Sciences (2nd Year) XNBS1314T (97kb)
Cell and Systems Biology DCSB1314T (27kb)
Cell & Systems Biology and Neuroscience (Part I) (Year 2) XBMS1314EV (25kb)
Chemistry Part IB DCHC1314T (28kb)
Classical Archaeology and Ancient History DCAH1314T (31kb)
Classics and English DCLE1314T (29kb)
Classics and Modern Languages DCML_N1314T (34kb)
Classics and Oriental Studies DCOS1314T (34kb)
Computer Science (Part A) (2nd Year) XCOM1314T (28kb)
Computer Science and Philosophy (Part A) (2nd Year) XCPH1314T (26kb)
Earth Sciences (Part B) (4th Year) DNES1314T (26kb)
Earth Sciences/Geology (Part A1) (Year 2) XNEG1314T (25kb)
Earth Sciences/Geology (Part A2) (3rd Year) DNEG1314T (27kb)
Economics and Management DEAM1314T (31kb)
Engineering, Economics and Management (Part B) DEEA1314T (29kb)
Engineering, Economics and Management (Part C) DEEB1314T (32kb)
Engineering Science (Part B) DESA1314T (29kb)
Engineering Science (Part C) DESB1314T (32kb)
Engineering Science (Princeton Exchange) VESB1314T (26kb)
English and Modern Languages DEML1314T (37kb)
English Language and Literature (Course I) DENA1314T (27kb)
English Language and Literature (Course II) DENB1314T (28kb)
European and Middle Eastern Languages DEUM1314T (36kb)
Experimental Psychology DEXP1314T (31kb)
Experimental Psychology (Part I) (2nd Year) XEXP1314EV (27kb)
Geography DGEG1314T (30kb)
History DMHY1314T (41kb)
History and Economics DMHE1314T (32kb)
History and English DMHN1314T (33kb)
History and Modern Languages DHLA1314T (39kb)
History and Politics DMHP1314T (41kb)
History of Art DHAR1314T (28kb)
Human Sciences DHSC1314T (30kb)
Jurisprudence (Course I & II) DJUR_S1314T (31kb)
Literae Humaniores DLHU1314T (42kb)
Materials, Economics and Management (Part I) DMMA1314T (26kb)
Materials, Economics and Management (Part II) DMMB1314T (25kb)
Materials Science (Part I) DMTA1314T (26kb)
Mathematics (Part A) (2nd Year) XMAT1314T (28kb)
Mathematics (Part C) (4th Year) DMAC1314T (37kb)
Mathematics and Computer Science (Part A) (2nd Year) XMCN1314T (29kb)
Mathematics and Computer Science (Part C) (4th Year) DMCO1314T (28kb)
Mathematics and Philosophy (Part A) (2nd Year) XMAP1314T (27kb)
Mathematics and Philosophy (Part B) (3rd Year) DMPB1314T (33kb)
Mathematics and Philosophy (Part C) (4th Year) DMPC1314T (31kb)
Mathematics and Statistics (Part A) (2nd Year) XMST1314T (28kb)
Mathematics and Statistics (Part C) (4th Year) DMSU1314T (29kb)
Medical Sciences DMED1314T (26kb)
Modern Languages DMLA1314T (45kb)
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry (Part I) DNMA1314T (26kb)
Music DMUS1314T (28kb)
Neuroscience DNEU1314T (27kb)
Oriental Studies DORS1314T (41kb)
Philosophy and Modern Languages DPML1314T (36kb)
Philosophy and Theology DPTH1314T (33kb)
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics DPPE1314T (39kb)
Physics (Part B) (Three Year Course) DPHD1314T (27kb)
Physics (Part B) (Four Year Course) DPHE1314T (27kb)
Physics (Part C) (Four Year Course) DPHY1314T (28kb)
Physics and Philosophy (Part B) (3rd Year) DPHH1314T (31kb)
Physics and Philosophy (Part C) (4th Year) DPHP1314T (30kb)
Physiological Sciences DPSL1314T (26kb)
Psychology and Philosophy DPYP1314T (33kb)
Psychology and Philosophy (Part I) (Year 2) XPYP1314EV (27kb)
Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology DPPP1314T (30kb)
Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology (Part I) (2nd Year) XPPP1314EV (24kb)
Theology DTHE1314T (33kb)
Theology and Oriental Studies DTOS1314T (29kb)


There are no timetables to view

M.Phil Examinations and Qualifying Tests

Title Timetable (pdf)
Development Studies (Qualifying Exam) (April Exams) TDEV1314T1 (25kb)
Development Studies (Year 1) (Qualifying Exam) (June Exam) TDEV1314T2 (24kb)
Development Studies HDEV1314T (29kb)
Economics (Year 1) (Qualifying Exam) TECN1314T (25kb)
Economics (Final Examination) HECN1314T (29kb)
Geography and the Environment (Year 1) TGEG1314T (26kb)
International Relations (Qualifying Exam) TINR1314T (24kb)
International Relations HINR1314T (28kb)
Latin American Studies (Qualifying Exam) TLAS1314T (26kb)
Latin American Studies HLAS1314T (26kb)
Medical Anthropology (Qualifying Exam) TMED1314T (26kb)
Modern Japanese Studies (Qualifying Exam) TMJA1314T (26kb)
Modern Japanese Studies HMJA1314T (24kb)
Oriental Studies: Modern Chinese Studies HOMC1314T (25kb)
Oriental Studies: Modern Middle Eastern Studies HOMM1314T (29kb)
Oriental Studies: Modern South Asian Studies HSAS1314T (26kb)
Politics (Comparative Government, Political Theory, European Politics & Society) (Qualifying Exam) TPOL1314T (24kb)
Politics (Comparative Government, Political Theory, European Politics & Society) HPOL1314T (30kb)
Russian and East European Studies (Qualifying Exam) TRES1314T (25kb)
Russian and East European Studies HRES1314T (25kb)
Slavonic Studies (Qualifying Exam) TSLS1314T (25kb)
Social Anthropology (Qualifying Exam) TSAN1314T (27kb)
Social Anthropology HSAN1314T (26kb)
Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology (Qualifying Exam) TVMM1314T (25kb)

M.Sc Examinations

Title Timetable (pdf)
African Studies JAFS1314T (27kb)
Applied Statistics JAST1314T (25kb)
Archaeological Science JARC1314T (25kb)
Biodiversity, Conservation and Management JBCM1314T (25kb)
Biomedical Engineering JBEN1314T (25kb)
Clinical Embryology JCEM1314EV (25kb)
Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology JCEA1314T (25kb)
Computer Science JCOM1314EV (25kb)
Contemporary Chinese Studies JCCS1314T (26kb)
Criminology and Criminal Justice JCCJ1314EV (25kb)
Criminology and Criminal Justice (Research Methods) JCCR1314EV (25kb)
Education: Higher Education JEDH1314EV (25kb)
Environmental Change and Management JENV1314T (25kb)
Financial Economics JMFE1314EV (25kb)
Global Governance and Diplomacy JGGD1314T (27kb)
Global Health Science JGHS1314EV (25kb)
Latin American Studies JLAS1314T (27kb)
Medical Anthropology JMED1314T (26kb)
Migration Studies JMIG1314T (25kb)
Modern Japanese Studies JMJA1314T (28kb)
Nature, Society and Environmental Policy JNSE1314T (25kb)
Pharmacology (April Exam) JPHA1314EV (25kb)
Political Theory Research JPTR1314T (24kb)
Politics Research JPOR1314T (24kb)
Psychological Research JRPS1314T (25kb)
Public Policy in Latin America JPLA1314T (24kb)
Refugee and Forced Migration JFOM1314T (26kb)
Russian and East European Studies JRES1314T (25kb)
Social Anthropology JSAN1314T (27kb)
Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology JVMM1314T (25kb)
Water Science, Policy and Management JWPM1314T (25kb)

M.St Examinations

Title Timetable (pdf)
Chinese Studies KCHS1314T (24kb)
Japanese Studies KJAS1314T (24kb)
Jewish Studies KJWS1314T (26kb)
Korean Studies KKOR1314T (24kb)
Modern Jewish Studies KMJS1314T (24kb)
Social Anthropology KSAN1314T (25kb)
Syriac Studies KSYR1314T (25kb)

Other - MBA, Medicine, Prize Examination

Title Timetable (pdf)

Bachelor and Certificate Examinations in Theology

PBTH1314T (26kb)

Bachelor of Medicine (Part II) (First Examination)

FBMB1314T (26kb)

Bachelor of Medicine (Second Examination) (May re-sits)

FBMV1314T (26kb)

Degree of Bachelor of Civil Law

EBCL1314T (31kb)

Degree of Magister Juris

EMJU1314T (32kb)

Diploma in Applied Statistics

MAST1314T (25kb)

Diploma in Legal Studies

MLLS1314T (28kb)

Master of Business Administration (May re-sits)

LMBK1314T (24kb)

Master of Public Policy

JPUP1314EV (25kb)

Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Leadership

MORL1314T (24kb)

Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation

MSIA1314EV (24kb)

Probationer Research Student in Development Studies

PDEV1314T (26kb)

Probationer Research Student in Economics

TECS1314T (28kb)

Probationer Research Student in Management Studies (April Exams)

PMAR1314EV (25kb)

Probationer Research Student in Management Studies (June Exams)

PMAR1314T (25kb)