Using the course booking system | University of Oxford

Using the course booking system

When you log in to the course booking system you will see a personalised dashboard. 'My Dashboard' provides you with a summary of your course bookings.

Here you are can:

  • Search for courses run by training providers currently using CoSy
  • See the classroom based courses and workshops you have booked. Note that any Lynda courses you take will not be recorded in your Dashboard. A record of your Lynda courses is held within

Key tiles you will need to know are:

calendarA calendar of your booked course dates
coursesCourses you are currently taking or have taken are listed here
detailsChange and update the information held about you on Accessplanit. This includes adding your mobile number if you would like to receive text reminders on bookings (for courses that use this function).

Please refer to our quick reference guide on how to use the course booking system.

You can read our privacy policy here.

How to search for a course

Click on the Search panel in the dashboard and use one of the following. By:

  • Subject or Title. Use the "Course Title/Keyword" box and enter a subject e.g. "Excel"
  • Provider. Choose your training provider from the drop down list. 
  • Type of course. For classroom-based courses select "Class" from the drop down list. For a selection of recommended courses choose "E Learning". The full list of Lynda courses is available through our page.
  • All course names. Click on the “Show all” button.
  • Date range. Enter dates in the YYYY-MM-DD format.

Tip: Use the "Search" box not the "Show All" button when doing your search

How to cancel your course place

Please notify the training provider immediately if you cannot attend a course as there is often someone on a waiting list.  You can cancel your course place until the day before the course starts using the online course booking system, however individual training providers will have their own terms and conditions for cancellation policies. External delegates who cannot access the course booking system will need to cancel directly with the individual training team for their course. 

Follow the steps below:

  • Login to the booking system
  • Click on My Courses
  • Find the course(s) you wish to cancel and select Cancel
  • Select the reason for the cancellation from the menu
  • Click Confirm to cancel your booking
  • Your booking record will be updated

Cancellation policies

Each training provider has their own cancellation policy. Please go the policy relating to any course you have booked there.