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Web accessibility webinars

A free interactive webinar series on web accessibility, commencing January 2019, is available to all members of the University

Accessibility is about enabling any user to access content, however they choose, and it is vital that the University of Oxford continues to work to ensure equal access and opportunities.

The series will include seven webinars, aimed at website owners, managers, content editors, designers, web developers and testers. Delegates will be free to watch as many sessions as they feel are relevant to them.  The webinars will be available at your own desk through a standard internet browser. Anyone with a keen interest in accessibility is encouraged to participate.

All webinars will be held from 3pm to 5pm on the dates shown below. To book and find further information, please visit the online booking system and search for ‘Web Accessibility’, or follow the links below:

9 January 2019                   Webinar 1 (intro)         Intro to Web Accessibility                                                            

20 February 2019              Webinar 2 (designers)  Key Accessibility Considerations for Designers                    

20 March 2019                   Webinar 3 (policy)        Adhering to an Accessibility Policy

10 April 2019                      Webinar 4 (dev1)          Key Accessibility Considerations for Developers - Part 1

17 April 2019                      Webinar 5 (dev2)          Key Accessibility Considerations for Developers - Part 2

1 May 2019                         Webinar 6 (dev3)           Key Accessibility Considerations for Developers - Part 3

15 May 2019                       Webinar 7 (editors)       Key Accessibility Considerations for Editors

The webinars will be provided by the charity AbilityNet who have provided accessibility consultancy services to Barclays, Microsoft and many other blue-chip companies. They are experts in providing information relating to assistive technology and digital accessibility whilst striving to promote digital inclusion, and are also involved in a number of research projects.

For any further queries relating to the content of the webinars please contact the IT Services Testing Team (testingteam@it.ox.ac.uk) and for booking enquiries please contact the IT Learning Centre (courses@it.ox.ac.uk)

Please review the IT Learning Centre’s privacy policy which can be found on the Help website https://help.it.ox.ac.uk/courses/booking/privacy