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Focus Programme – career development opportunities

The Focus team is looking for people interested in finding out more about a range of secondment opportunities coming up across the University.

These forward-fill secondments will provide cover for the roles of colleagues taking on the new temporary Focus Programme practitioner roles – helping to improve the way in which support services are delivered across the University.

Primarily in administrative and professional services, these secondments are likely to be for periods of between four and twelve months.

If you are interested in acting up, moving sideways in a related field or performing an existing role in a different department, join the Focus Programme forward-fill register by 5pm on Wednesday 31 October.

Joining the register does not commit you in any way; it simply enables the Focus team to ensure you are made aware of opportunities when they become available. Line managers will only become involved once you have confirmed that there is a specific forward-fill secondment that you would like to be considered for.

Visit for more information and to join the register