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Citizen science projects

The Oxford Swift City project and Oxford Plan Bee are two exciting initiatives that provide a window into the world of two species we share this city with.

Both projects offer great opportunities for staff to get involved with citizen science.

Oxford Plan Bee

This project aims to create a network of bee hotels across the city of Oxford and in Wytham Woods (the University's area of ancient research woodland close to the city centre).

Cavity-nesting solitary bees are excellent pollinators, and are harmless to human. Providing nest-boxes offers them an ideal home as well as providing us with fantastic research opportunities.

Click here to find out more about solitary bees

Click here to discover what you can do in your garden to provide an ideal bee habitat

Click here for information about the Wytham Woods BeeWalk

Oxford Swift City

The Oxford Swift City project, led by the RSPB and supported by the University, is looking for volunteers to record details of swift sightings. This data may help scientists understand the recent declines in swift populations. The research may also inform efforts to reverse the decline.

Anyone interested in finding out more should start by visiting the respective project’s websites, Oxford Plan Bee and Oxford Swift City.

If you have any questions regarding either of the two projects please email