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University management training opportunities

The University’s professional development programme, Work > Learn > Develop, can offer funded training courses to University staff, by utilising the Apprenticeship Levy. 

The following Management and Team Leading subjects available are:

Level 2 Team Leading - Ideal for someone with little or no prior experience in this area. You’ll likely be in a role providing support and guidance for others when their line manager is away and want to gain some underlying supervisory skills.

Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor - This will suit someone who has some experience of supervising/leading staff/projects in their role.  An opportunity to build on a basic knowledge and first line management skills.

Level 5 Departmental or Operations Manager - This will suit someone who is moving into or currently in a head of function/department type of role.  They will have a good level of experience in either leading people or projects.  An opportunity to build on strong underpinning knowledge of management and develop skills further.

Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship - This will suit someone who is currently in or directly training for a management role.  To study this they will need access to a variety of functions within their department or be in a middle management role. Ideal for someone looking to work towards a degree for the first time.

To find out more please come to our next  Work > Learn > Develop Information Session on Monday 30 April at 1:30pm in Meeting Room 4 at Wellington Square.

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Information on all Work > Learn > Develop courses can be found on the official website