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Vote for your favourite treasure hoard

The Daily Telegraph is inviting readers to vote for their favourite treasure find from a selection of the best 20 hoards. The finds, selected by a panel of experts in Celtic, Romano-British, medieval and early modern archaeology, include the Ashmolean Museum’s Chalgrove Hoard and the Watlington Hoard.

For a find to make the panel’s top 20 it has to comply with counting as treasure under the 1996 Act and its discovery must have advanced archaeological and historical knowledge.

The Chalgrove Hoard, discovered in 2003 by Brian Malin near Chalgrove was the discovery of a jar containing 4957 fused bronze and silver Roman coins ranging in date from AD 251 to 279. The coins, separated and cleaned by the British Museum, contained a particular gem – a coin revealing the ‘lost emperor’, Domitianus.

The Watlington Hoard, a collection of Viking silver buried in the 870s, was rediscovered in 2015 in (you’ve guessed it) Watlington by James Matherin, an amateur metal-detectorist. Comprising jewellery, a scrap of gold and over 200 coins, the find sheds new light on the conflict between Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and on the relationship between the two great Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex with some of the coins depicting the two kings sitting side by side.

Want to vote for your favourite?

Please click here to find full details of the panel’s top 20 treasure hoards and to go the poll to cast your vote. The poll closes on Monday 15 May.