Chorus update: January 2017 | University of Oxford

Chorus update: January 2017

 First tranche of Chorus implementation completes

The first tranche of replacing the University’s telephone system with Chorus has just been completed, resulting in around 3500 members of staff now being on the new service.

Chorus is being installed building by building in six separate stages which will be completed by spring 2018. New users are issued with a replacement phone and gain access to the Web Portal allowing them to access the University’s phone directory and place calls directly from it, manage voicemails, view call histories and use instant messaging. 

The second tranche of implementation is now underway and engagement has started with the units involved in tranche three.

Lessons learned from the first tranche of implementation are being reviewed to facilitate continuous improvement.  The main outcomes so far are:

  • Work is underway to improve how we collect data on people and phone number requirements in order to simplify the process for departments, faculties and colleges. The team implementing Chorus is dependent on this data being up-to-date and accurate to ensure all users receive the new service and correct equipment in a timely manner, so units are urged to liaise with the project team early if they have queries or issues with the process
  • Technical engagement is being implemented earlier to help identify potential underlying issues, with networking or difficulties with complex buildings for example, to minimise any impact.

To find out more about the project visit or email

Chorus service information and support is available from:, by emailing (please include the word Chorus in the subject line) or by calling the helpdesk on 01865 (6)12345.