Why a health justice approach to disability in LMICs? | University of Oxford

Why a health justice approach to disability in LMICs?

Dr Sridhar Venkatapuram, King's College London
17:00 - 18:30
Kellogg College
60 - 62 Banbury Road

Mawby Room, Balfour Building

Lectures and seminars
Not required

This talk is part of the interdisciplinary seminar series on 'Building capacity on disability in low- and middle-income countries', organised by the Oxford Network on Health Care Training, Social Justice & Technology (www.mchw.org).

The seminar series aims to bring together scholars and stakeholders from across disciplines working on research related to disability in low resource settings. Researchers and students from across disciplines are invited to share and discuss insights on methodological and theoretical challenges related to disability research in low-income areas, including those facilitated by digital technologies and platforms.

The seminar series is funded by the University of Oxford John Fell Fund.