Israel and the changing Middle East | University of Oxford

Israel and the changing Middle East

Professor Sir Adam Roberts, Professor Itamar Rabinovich, John Lloyd, Eran Yashiv, Ian Black, Tim Marshall, Ghanem Nuseibeh
14:00 - 19:00
Saskatchewan Lecture Theatre
Exeter College

This half-day conference will present fresh insights from experts on recent Middle East developments, including the ongoing security challenges for Israel, asymmetrical warfare dilemmas, the rise of political Islam, the role of regional economics as well as the role of media in peacemaking. Besides focusing on the complexities of the situations, discussions will provide a forum for identifying potential areas of collaboration and additional instruments for building stability, prosperity and peace in the region. Both opportunities and challenges will be examined.

This is your opportunity to hear and meet representatives from such renowned institutions as the British Council, Oxford University and Tel Aviv University, and news agencies such as Sky News, The Guardian, the Financial Times.