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Strategic Plan 2018-23 – consultation

Development of the University’s next Strategic Plan

The current Strategic Plan outlines goals and principles that remain relevant as we look ahead. Council therefore agreed that rather than developing a new plan from scratch, the plan covering the period from 2018-23 should build on the existing framework, updated as necessary to reflect changing priorities or changes to the external environment.

This will involve a two-stage consultation process to update the current plan, reflecting changing priorities and changes in the external environment.

Consultation process  stage one

This is the first stage of the consultation. All University staff are now invited to comment on the current Strategic Plan (to help shape the version to cover the period between 2018-23) via the online survey available here

This survey closes at 5pm on Friday 23 March 2018.

The survey asks for feedback about the plan’s structure and the issues that might also be identified as priorities for the next plan period.

The structure of the current Strategic Plan is outlined below and the full text can be found on the University website by clicking this link.

Strategic Plan

During this stage of the consultation the committees of Council will also be invited to revise the sections of the current plan for which they have primary responsibility.

The first stage of the consultation closes on Friday 23 March 2018.

Next steps

The feedback from the first stage of consultation will help to shape the initial draft of the Strategic Plan 2018-23.

The second stage of the consultation, taking place during Trinity term, will seek views on the initial draft of the Strategic Plan 2018-23.  

This feedback will then help to shape the final draft of the plan. The draft will be provided for Council’s approval at its concluding meeting of Trinity term.

The final version of the plan will be recommended by Council to Congregation for consideration in Michaelmas 2018.