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Statute XII

This site provides information about the consultations on Statute XII, the statute that governs matters such as discipline, dismissal and grievance procedures for all University staff of grade 6 and above.

Congregation met on 31 May 2016 to consider the amended legislative proposal concerning Statute XII. The proposal was approved on a division: 82 votes in favour, 4 votes against.

The amended proposal is available as a supplement to the 26 May 2016 Gazette.

Background information

Statute XII governs the employment of academic and academic-related staff by the University. It relates to the procedures for redundancy, dismissal, disciplinary action, appeals and grievances. Those covered by the Statute include professors, readers and associate professors; research staff and professional, technical and administrative staff employed at grade 6 or above.

The Statute is based on three principles: i) ensuring that academic staff have freedom to question received wisdom and put forward new ideas or controversial opinions; ii) enabling the efficient and economic operation of the University; and iii) the application of the principles of justice and fairness.

First consultation (February-June 2014)

The first consultation, which ran from 27 February to 4 June 2014, sought views on the desirability of possible revisions to Statute XII. The consultation sought comments on any matters that University staff deemed to be pertinent, but in particular on the following four aspects: i) reviewing who is covered by the Statute; ii) simplifying the procedures under the Statute; iii) clarifying the Statute’s provisions; and iv) revising the procedure for addressing grievances by strengthening settlement routes at local level.

Responses to the consultation, together with a summary, can be read on a restricted area of this website.

In light of the responses received, Personnel Committee identified a number of possible changes for discussion, which were set out in the Gazette of 23 October 2014. A Congregation Discussion was held on 18 November 2014 on the topic of 'Possible changes to Statute XII'. A transcript of the discussion is available in the Gazette of 27 November 2014.

Second consultation (February-March 2015)

The second consultation, which ran from 19 February to 27 March 2015, provided more detailed proposals for changes to the Statute, drawing on the comments made by respondents to the first consultation and by those who spoke at the Congregation Discussion.

The consultation paper, which was published in the Gazette of 19 February 2015, sought views in three areas: i) the provisions for disciplinary cases, including (a) a potential new body, the Staff Disciplinary Panel, and (b) the freedoms protected under Statute XII; ii) redundancy provisions; and iii) other proposed changes.

Responses to the consultation, together with a summary, can be read on a restricted area of this website.

Third consultation (November 2015-February 2016)

A third consultation ran from 19 November 2015 until 2 February 2016. The consultation paper, which was published in the Gazette of 19 November 2015, provides an overview of the proposed changes to the Statute and the principles that lie behind them. The main sections are: dismissal for good cause; a statement of the freedoms protected by the Statute; proposals for a Redundancy Panel; and appeals against dismissal.

Responses to the consultation can be read on a restricted area of this website.

Statute XII - Approved by her Majesty in Council

The Vice-Chancellor has been advised by the Clerk of Her Majesty's Privy Council, that on 15 February 2017 Her Majesty was pleased to approve amendments to Statute XII, concerning Academic Staff and the Visitatorial Board, which were printed in the Gazette supplement (1) to no. 5134, 26 May 2016, approved by Congregation on 31 May 2016 (please see Gazette no. 5136 9 June 2016, p612).

Pool for Constituting Panels convened under Statute XII Parts B, D and H

Members of the Pool will be chosen by lot to serve on a number of Panels under Statute XII; i.e. the Redundancy Panel, the Staff Employment Review Panel, and the University Appeal Panel.

The Pool shall comprise twenty-four members; four members of Congregation, to whom Statute XII applies, elected by members of Congregation, to represent each division: Division of Humanities, Division of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences, Division of Medical Sciences, Division of Social Sciences, Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM), and the University Administration and Services (UAS). Details of nominations can be found in the Gazette no. 5158, VOL. 147, 9 February 2017.  

More than four nominations were received in the Division of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences and the University Administration and Services (UAS) so these elections will be contested and the deadline for ballot papers is 2 March 2017.

Full details of the Pool's composition and the functions and powers of the Panels can be found in Supplement (1) to Gazette No 5149, vol 147.