Oxford Impacts videos

The Oxford Impacts video series celebrates the ways that Oxford University benefits the world of policy, health, business and culture. In this set of short videos leading academic researchers, across a range of subjects, talk about why their research matters to society and what they’ve learned through taking their research into the community.

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Professor Catherine Harmer on how understanding facial recognition can help us find better antidepressants. Find out more on the Psychopharmacology and Emotion Research Laboratory website

  • Antidepressants


    Finding better antidepressants

  • Impacts trailer

    Impacts trailer

    Oxford Impacts video series

  • Auctions


    Professor Paul Klemperer on geometry, auctions and markets

  • Geotraces in the oceans

    Geotraces in the oceans

    Professor Gideon Henderson on supporting Life in the Oceans

  • Botanic Garden's chemicals

    Botanic Garden's chemicals

    Dr Alison Foster on Chemistry in the garden

  • Biofuels


    Professor Katherine Willis on the global race for biofuels

  • Rainforest biodiversity

    Rainforest biodiversity

    Professor Yadvinder Malhi on the effect of tropical forests

  • Turbine blade tips

    Turbine blade tips

    Professor Li He on improving turbine blades

  • Bayesian probability theory

    Bayesian probability theory

    Professor Steve Roberts on citizen science

  • Modelling the heart

    Modelling the heart

    Professor David Gavaghan on mathematical models of the heart

  • Drug delivery by ultrasound

    Drug delivery by ultrasound

    Professor Constantin Coussios on ultrasound

  • Nanoparticles for radiotherapy

    Nanoparticles for radiotherapy

    Professor Peter Dobson on using nanoparticles to improve cancer treatments

  • Volcanoes


    Professor David Pyle on volcanoes, eruptions and probabilities

  • Breathing


    Professor Gus Hancock on the chemistry of breathing

  • TOBY Trial

    TOBY Trial

    Brenda Strohm RN on cooling babies to save lives

  • Ancient lives

    Ancient lives

    Professor Dirk Obbink on deciphering ancient lives

  • Networks


    Dr Mason Porter on using network theory to enthuse students to study maths

  • 18th Century Miscellanies

    18th Century Miscellanies

    Dr Abigail Williams describes her experience of bringing 18th Century miscellanies to life for 21st Century audiences

  • Humanitarian Intervention

    Humanitarian Intervention

    Professor Jennifer Welsh describes how her research helps the international community act effectively against genocide and ethnic cleansing

  • Gene Therapy for Retinal Disease

    Gene Therapy for Retinal Disease

    Professor Robert MacLaren talks about an exciting new technique for treating a hereditary form of blindness

  • Community Archaeology

    Community Archaeology

    Dr David Griffiths talks about how community archaeology is building skills and creating links with employers and communities in East Oxford

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This project is ongoing and more videos will be added over time. If you are an Oxford academic and would like showcase your impact, please contact Dr Caroline Bucklow.