Great War Archive

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In a ground-breaking initiative led by Oxford's English Faculty and Computing Services, 6,500 items were collected from the public to go into an online display on the First World War (

OwenThe 'Great War Archive' has demonstrated the potential for engaging the public in community collections by encouraging them to scan in images of objects they owned (e.g. photographs, letters, diaries) and submit them online to go into the collection. The project also ran submission days across the country ranging from the Orkneys to South Wales.

The material gathered supplemented Oxford's world-famous online collections of manuscripts and other material related to the War Poets (Owen, Sassoon, Graves, Rosenberg, Thomas, Gurney, Blunden, Brittain, Leighton). With more than 12,000 items surrounded by a series of online course material this is now a mainstay of Key Stage teaching, and undergraduate courses, as well as presenting an unparalleled collection for researchers. The project also created online videos, audio interviews, timelines, mindmaps, and even a display in SecondLife - a 3D world.