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Grandparents contribute to children's wellbeing

Grandparents contribute to children's wellbeing

Research at the University of Oxford has shown how grandparents play a vital role in children's wellbeing and the results have been informing UK family policy.

Impact case studies

Making Britain

Challenging perceptions of India immigration and helping those of British-Indian descent understand and celebrate their heritage.

Researchers map overlapping deprivations to better tackle poverty

Mapping deprivation to better tackle poverty

Researchers from the University of Oxford have developed a method for identifying areas of social deprivation and their results have been used to better inform the allocation of resources to tackle poverty in the UK and beyond.

Who needs migrant workers

Who needs migrant workers

A definitive piece of work about migrant labour in the UK by researchers at the ESRC Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), University of Oxford, is being used to inform government policy on labour immigration.

Urban hotspots

Getting critical

Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute analyses the risks to the nation’s infrastructure.