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Mobile Robotics Group

Creating cars that drive themselves

An engineering project at University of Oxford offers the possibility of autonomous personal transport, which could save people time, reduce emissions and make roads safer.

Mobile phone

Safety by design

Analytical tools developed at the University of Oxford play vital roles in safety-critical and secure systems.

A revolution in solar power technology

A revolution in solar power technology

World-leading research in the Department of Physics the University of Oxford looks set to deliver low-cost, high-efficiency photovoltaic technology that could finally rival energy generation from fossil fuels.

Sustainable heritage

Sustainable heritage

An Oxford academic helps reveal the hidden stories of Britain’s country houses.

Bank of England

Geometry to the rescue

An Oxford economist applies auction theory and geometry to help the Bank of England.

Professor Jonathan Michie

The value of mutuality

Lord Byron once said he detested everything that wasn’t perfectly mutual. Research by the University of Oxford suggests that his words have added resonance in the wake of the global financial crisis.


Demystifying private sector standards bodies

Pioneering research has uncovered the inherent secrecy of global rule-making bodies, making them more accountable, enhancing democracy and illustrating the winners and losers from their practices.


Helping the ‘Greeks’ to run faster

Mathematical techniques developed by Professor Mike Giles have led to substantial reductions in the complexity of the Monte Carlo computer simulations run by large banks, cutting both computing costs and energy consumption.

Bethecar Moor

The value of a green and pleasant land

Oxford research work helps to highlight the value of the natural world.

Professor Bent Flyvbjerg

Understanding ambition

It is human nature to be optimistic. If asked, we will almost all claim to be good drivers; statistics indicate that the truth is otherwise. Research by Professor Bent Flyvbjerg of Oxford University’s Saïd Business School has analysed this sensibility, among other things, to achieve a better understanding of ambition and risk in megaprojects.