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Interview: Graham Richards talks spin-outs

In his new book Graham Richards, who recently retired from Oxford where he was Head of Chemistry, tells the story of his involvement in technology transfer, launching the spin-out Oxford Molecular Ltd and his role in the founding of the University's technology transfer company,

Did you miss? Birds, zoos and bugs

 Highlights from OU science in the news this week:

Where does the Manx Shearwater go on its 20,000km migration?

A team of scientists including Oxford's Tim Guilford have been following the seabird on its travels using electronic tags.

Interview: Tristram Wyatt talks pheromones

Today's Nature features an essay by Oxford's Tristram Wyatt on pheromones, I quizzed him about these intriguing chemicals:

Elephants get emotional

It's no secret that OxSciBlog likes elephants but how do they feel about us and each other?

BBC 1's The Secret Life of Elephants [starts 14 Jan, 9 pm] intends to answer this question by giving us the gamut of elephant emotion from love and lust, through jealousy, fear and anger to grief.

Interview: Helen Mardon talks stem cells

Professor Helen Mardon is codirector of the Oxford Stem Cell Institute, part of the James Martin 21st Century School at the University of Oxford. I asked her about the potential for stem cell research:

Did you miss? Christmas round-up

Highlights from Oxford science in the news over Christmas:

Could that Christmas chocolate and wine have done you some good?

Yule blog: robins exposed

A helping of seasonal science in which Oxford's Joseph Tobias exposes the scandalous life of the robin:

Probes to kick-start drug discovery

‘Epigenetics is a blossoming area of science,’ says Dr Chas Bountra, chief scientist at the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) in Oxford. ‘We believe it will deliver new drugs for many common diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and inflammatory diseases.’

Yule blog: ancient ice skating

A helping of seasonal science in which Oxford's Federico Formenti tells me about research into the origins of ice skating: