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How history made science

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been enjoying the BBC’s The Story of Scienceseries with Michael Mosley, which charts the progress of science through the centuries.

Fool’s gold holds fossil treasure

The case of the grown-up galaxy

It seems, early on its life, our Universe was a place of extremes.

That’s the conclusion scientists are drawing from new infrared observations of a very distant, unusually bright and massive elliptical galaxy.

LHC & right handed particles

What with ash clouds and elections the Large Hadron Collider has been out of the headlines recently.

So I enjoyed this update from Paul Rincon at BBC News online who spoke to Tony Weidberg of Oxford University's Department of Physics about the LHC's ATLAS experiment.

Turning CO2 into fuel

With new fossil fuel power stations being built every week, and the idea of burying CO2 [carbon sequestration] regarded by many scientists as unproven or even unworkable, coming up with an alternative solution to what to do with CO2 is more pressing than ever.

LOFAR tunes in to pulsars

Playing Dorothy

To help mark the centenary of Dorothy Hodgkin's birth a special play will be performed next week at Oxford University's Lady Margaret Hall.

Reading up on women in science

Wytham: 60 years of science