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On a virtual Moon mission

Breast screening: balancing risk

A new, dispassionate analysis is needed of all the available data on breast cancer screening programmes and their effectiveness, says an Oxford University researcher in an article today in the BMJ medical journal.

HGP is 10: more than just genes

In the last of a series of articles marking the 10th anniversary of the first draft human genome, OxSciBlog talks to Professor George Ebers about what we know now about the genetics involved in multiple sclerosis.

HGP is 10: the gene therapy challenge

OxSciBlog has been building up to the 10th anniversary of the first draft human genome on Saturday with a series of articles looking at how different areas of research have been affected by knowing our DNA code.

Malaria: double the suffering

There were 451 million clinical cases of Plasmodium falciparum malaria globally in 2007, according to new research by the Malaria Atlas Project [MAP].

Hunting brown dwarfs

They're stars that never quite made the big time: mysterious cosmic objects known as 'brown dwarfs'.

Today the team behind the CoRoT space telescope report that they have found a rare example of a brown dwarf tightly orbiting its star.

Evolution in Shangri La

As England's footballers struggle to deal with the effects of altitude on their bodies ahead of their first World Cup match in South Africa, they may wonder how people living day in day out at even higher levels get by at all.

Science Blog up for award

Great news: our post about Oxford & the Royal Society's origins has been nominated for the 3quarksdaily science blogging awards.