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Cancer screening: the facts

There have been a number of stories about cancer screening recently, not least with the reams of coverage of Jade Goody’s death and now her funeral.

Zoo's cool million

As part of the 100 Hours of Astronomy event which begins today Galaxy Zoo 2 are asking volunteers to do one million galaxy classifications in the next 100 hours.

Maths on the Horizon

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to plug tonight's Horizon [BBC Two 9pm] featuring Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy and everyone's favourite QI fall guy, comedian Alan Davies.

Bug hunters on a quest

Are there spiders in the store room? How about woodlice in the hall? And did anyone see beetles in the headteacher's office?

Pupils around Oxfordshire are looking into these and other questions as part of Bug Quest 2009, a six-month research project to survey invertebrate biodiversity across the county.

Future subs: better with composites

Next month Oxford engineers will start investigating what kind of composite materials would make for stronger, stealthier and more durable submarines.

Holes, pores & DNA

When is a hole not just a hole? When it’s a nanopore: a hole 10,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

Oxford spinout Oxford Nanopore recently announced how such tiny holes can work as part of a DNA sequencing system.

Votes, science & cheese

Congratulations to Oxford's Mark Roberts who was runner-up in the latest I'm a Scientist: Get me out of Here!

Seeking pleasure: food, sex & music

‘Pleasure is fundamental to us,’ says Morten Kringelbach who holds a dual appointment as senior research fellow at the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University and professor at Aarhus University, Denmark. He should know – he’s been studying the basis of pleasure and how the emotion is generated by the brain.

Celebrate with a slice of pi

Did you know that the origins of the number pi can be traced back at least as far as ancient Egypt?