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B vitamins: in depth

A study published in the journal PLoS One has found that taking daily high-dose tablets of certain B vitamins reduced the rate of brain shrinkage in people aged over 70 with mild memory problems.

Fused echoes see whole heart

Profiting from the windy Pampas

Herbaria: science and specimens

Restoring a reputation

An astonishing and shocking story from the time of the Japanese occupation of Indonesia has been unearthed, thanks to the efforts of J Kevin Baird, who directs the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit based in Jakarta, and his Indonesian colleague, Professor Sangkot Marzuki, Director of the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology.

Evolution's parent trap

In mammals, many birds, and some invertebrates young offspring are totally dependent on their parents for food and protection.

But why is such helplessness a good strategy? And how has evolution resulted in 'lazy' youngsters trying to out-beg their siblings for a feed?

Penicillin: the Oxford story

John Aubrey: a life surveyed

It isn’t everyone who has a set of holes named after them but then John Aubrey was one of the most intriguing characters to surface at Oxford University in the 17th Century.