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How the stingray got its spots

Chromosome key to later fertility

New research at Oxford University has shed light on how mammalian egg cells divide. The findings may lead to improvements in women’s chances of giving birth to healthy babies as they get older.

Squid: lessons from the deep

Brains, reading & stuttering

 January sees the release of The King's Speech, a movie in which Colin Firth stars as George VI, portraying the King's struggle to overcome his stutter.

But how much do we understand about the processes that cause stuttering?

Mt Merapi & warning of disaster

Today saw Mount Merapi in Indonesia erupt again in events that have seen almost 200 killed and more than 360,000 people flee their homes.

So why do so many people end up at risk from such natural hazards? And is there anything scientists can do to help limit the human cost?