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Ants, insects & climate change

The end of emissions

Last week the scientists behind two recent publications on carbon emissions urged negotiators at the Bonn climate talks to make phasing out CO2 emissions altogether part of any future strategy.

Wildlife: treasure or pest?

This week our fickle attitude to the wildlife around us was highlighted in two stories: one about the reintroduction of beavers to the US, the other about a proposed cull of grey squirrels in the UK.

Business, Begbroke & spin-outs

Turning new discoveries into new businesses is one way many people think that the UK can haul itself out of the economic downturn.

The synaesthete in all of us

Ducks, water & distorted science

Last week you'll probably have read some of these stories about ducks.

Unfortunately, whilst these reports were a gift for pun-writers, they failed to reflect the serious nature of this research into improving the welfare of farm animals.

Swine flu, antivirals & proteins

With 14 more cases of swine flu announced at the weekend, the number of confirmed cases in the UK has reached over 100. With another 155 possible cases still under investigation, this is likely to continue to rise steadily in the next days and weeks.

Drought threatens desert elephants