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Online learning

Virtual learning environment: Weblearn

Weblearn is the University's web-based virtual learning environment (VLE).

Your student record


Your first opportunity to check your student record will be during University registration using Student Self Service.

Your email


You will have been registered automatically for an Oxford email account as soon as your University card was created. To access your account:

Getting access

Your Oxford username

Also referred to as your Oxford Single Sign On username or SSO, your username is usually in the form abcd1234, where abcd is a code for your college or department.

International students

1. Apply for a UK student visa

Recognised students

The status of Recognised Student is intended primarily for graduates of some years’ standing engaged in research elsewhere who wish to work in Oxford on a specific topic under the guidance of an academic familiar with the chosen area of study.

Visiting students

Visiting Student status

Visiting Student status is typically intended for undergraduate students taking a year abroad. Please note that there are no taught graduate courses available to graduate visiting students.


The University of Oxford engages in different forms of interaction with potential applicants, their teachers and parents in different parts of the world. Please click on the links below to find out what we offer in your area.