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Simulation shows Milky Way's quirks

It may be our home but just how special is the Milk Way?

That’s the question a team including Oxford University scientists have been looking to answer using simulations of our galaxy and our neighbours, the Magellanic Clouds.

Medical devices under scrutiny

‘When Suzanne Ludgate of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the government regulator of medical devices in the UK, says she was "appalled at how many devices are brought to market with a lack of appropriate clinical data," you know there must be a problem.’

Beetlemania: the joy of dung

2,784 vaccinations later

The two thousand, seven hundred and eighty-fourth baby has been vaccinated today in South Africa as part of a clinical trial of a new vaccine against tuberculosis. The new TB vaccine is the most advanced in development anywhere in the world.

Expedition to search for hybrid gibbons

This July an expedition will set out for the central highlands of Indonesian Borneo to sample the biodiversity of uncharted areas, track ape populations and find out how remote communities interact with their environment.

Protein KO stops tumour growth

Research published last week in the journal PNAS may have identified a promising new target for developing drugs against one of the most common types of lung cancer.

Big personality birds find the best homes

Birds willing to move around and take risks are better at finding the best places to live, researchers have found. Those with ‘fast-exploring’ personalities – birds tending to be hyperactive – are far more likely to end up in areas providing enough food, shelter and reproductive opportunities, a new study shows.

Putting a fuel cell 'in your pocket'

Technology using catalysts which make hydrogen from formic acid could eventually replace lithium batteries and power a host of mobile devices.