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Swine flu science: the story so far

When the first reports of swine flu cases in Mexico emerged in early April, it wasn’t just health authorities and governments that leapt into action. Researchers – including many at Oxford – also rushed to find out more about the new flu virus and its spread to help guide public health responses in the UK and worldwide.

Horizon: meet your self

How do we know who we are?

In tonight's Horizon Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy explores this age-old question and comes up with some surprising answers thanks to the latest scientific discoveries about consciousness. 

Computers look for meaning

Finding the meaning behind the words we use is something humans are so good at that it often seems simple.

But for computers, understanding the emotions embedded in text is a very difficult task.

I spoke to Stephen Pulman of Oxford University's Computing Laboratory about his research which is helping computers to see what we mean:

Cold comfort for baby

A new study published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that a simple cooling treatment for babies that suffer a lack of oxygen at birth could avoid brain damage in over 100 babies a year.

Friday: crash into Moon

What are you doing this Friday lunchtime?

If you are NASA's LCROSS spacecraft then you will be crashing into the surface of the Moon.

Simulation: surgery tailored to you

Pitching science in a tent

Flatfish: solving Darwin's puzzle

How did a flatfish's eyes end up on one side of its head?