| University of Oxford

A series of short talks, panel discussions and opportunities for conversation around the subjects of open access publishing, peer review, publishing metrics, and the role and requirements of the University.

Speakers and panel members will include Oxford academics, and representatives from PLoS, BioRxiv, the Wellcome Trust, F1000, eLife, Publons, Oxford University IT, Bodleian Libraries and Oxford University Press.

Refreshments will be available (tea/coffee) and a light lunch (sandwiches) will be provided.

The guest speaker will be Philippa O’Connor, Deputy Director, Education Policy Support, who will talk about the latest University rules and regulations for online submissions and the use of Turnitin.

Adam Marshall will discuss the WebLearn-Turnitin integration and the forthcoming new version of Turnitin called Feedback Studio.

There will be time for questions and discussion. The meeting will be followed by refreshments.

If you are a local WebLearn coordinator in your department or college, and are not sure what your responsibilities entail, then come and find out about administration sites, managing your unit's WebLearn presence and how to support your WebLearn users.

You can also find more information on the WebLearn Guidance site.

The authorial footnote as a creative medium for various eighteenth-century British writers: divided and multiple voices, authorial control, tools of intimacy and distancing. Some general thoughts from the Scriblerians to Richardson, followed by a closer examination of self-annotation in the footnotes of Thomas Gray and Edward Gibbon.
* To be followed by a drinks reception*

How do we use writing to create a self-autobiographical writing, confessional writing, writing for self-improvement and self-criticism? This lecture tells the story of writing as a tool for self-management in the modern era, from eighteenth-century writers like James Boswell and Benjamin Franklin to contemporary memoirists including Sarah Manguso, touching down on a wide range of other striving selves along the way.