Dr Paola Mattei | University of Oxford

Dr Paola Mattei

Associate Professor of Comparative Social Policy; Fellow of St Antony's College


Dr Mattei is interested in public sector reforms, organisational change, and accountability. In particular, her research uses insights from public policy analysis to better understand the principles and processes of institutional design and delivery of welfare services. New empirical findings in political science, public administration, and public law challenge conventional assumptions about the effectiveness of government reforms and force us to rethink theories of accountability and public administration. Dr Mattei's current work focuses on the unintended consequences of accountability reforms, the tensions between political and managerial accountabilities, and the moral and ethical implications of new institutional principles in health care and education policy.


  • Education reforms and education policy
  • Social Europe and the European Union
  • Welfare state and welfare reforms
  • Social inequalities

Media experience

Dr Mattei has experience in press, radio, and television.