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Energy meter gets smart

Pete Wilton

Last year we highlighted the smart meter technology from Oxford that would enable households to monitor which individual appliances are consuming electricity in real-time.

The technology was developed by Malcolm McCulloch and Jim Donaldson in Oxford’s Department of Engineering Science and was spun out, with the help of Oxford University Innovation, into a new firm: Intelligent Sustainable Energy (ISE).

Now Navetas Energy Management has helped build the ISE technology into the first commercial product: the Navetas Zeo Smart Hub (pictured above).

The real 'smart' part of the device is that it can calculate the energy use of each individual appliance by connecting to the energy supply at a single point - using patented artificial intelligence and signal processing techniques developed at Oxford University - without the need for a plethora of different sensors.

ISE say that the technology developed for the meter can identify where 90 per cent of energy is consumed within the home: whether that's in your oven or washing machine, your tumble dryer, kettle, toaster or even your lighting. They believe it could help homeowners shave up to 20 per cent off their electricity bills.

It looks like a good time to bring such a clever meter to market with the Government recently announcing that it wants all UK homes to be fitted with a smart meter by 2020.

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