Professor Martin Seeleib-Kaiser | University of Oxford

Professor Martin Seeleib-Kaiser

Barnett Professor of Comparative Social Policy; Fellow of St Cross College


Professor Seeleib-Kaiser has published widely, in English and German, on the politics of social policy, globalisation and social policy, party politics and social policy, as well as welfare state transformations. His research focuses on the politics of social policy and comparative social policy analysis. He has worked on the relationship between globalisation and welfare systems, political parties and the welfare state, the interplay between ‘public’ and ‘private’ social protection policies and associated processes of dualization and more recently on social rights of EU citizens and youth outsiderness.  He is the UK's independent expert on social protection for the European Commission.


  • German politics
  • Political economy of Germany
  • Social policy
  • Comparative welfare state/social policy analysis
  • Pensions, unemployment insurance, social assistance
  • Work, atypical employment
  • Welfare reform

Media experience

Professor Seeleib-Kaiser has experience of live TV and radio interviews, and of interviews with print media.


English, German